Nov, 2016

11:11 November Cosmic Stargate

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We are in the energetic build up to 11:11 Cosmic Stargate towards another layer of awakening and frequency acceleration.

11:11 code wakes us up to a higher consciousness beyond the 3d that leads to the frequency acceleration.  We are able to embody the higher states of oneness and greater wisdom on a consistent basis when we do our transformational work to clear the density of the past.

What I’ve been experiencing and seeing is it only takes a small shift to make a huge jump into a paradigm shift now.  And the many complex layers are dissolving so you can go to a deeper place within and receive more understanding and clarity that might of eluded you before.

11:11 are lightning bolts that intensify intuition, imagination and instigate new divine beginnings of cosmic proportions.  They also reflect the duality that must work together in co-operation because ultimately November 11 month equals 2 which is a relationship and working together dynamics.

Where are you opposing your light, shadow and service towards self and ultimately life?

In the 1-ness of all- light and dark work together duality has no charge of negative or positive, good or bad, but union which serves all- nothing is excluded.  Everything is divine energy, the mis-qualified energy is the illusionary game humanity took on to experience, experiment, evolve to enlightenment.

The journey is self- realization and all that entails in embodiment.  This is the real bliss gurus have been teaching and others have been diligently devoting their life to.   We don’t have to wait patiently under a tree or a mountain top.  We just have to have a deep committed devotion to our full awakening to infinite source and loving force that animates all things.

The fastest way to get there is through compassion and love for all including yourself.  The bliss is in the feeling and knowing that you are in everything and everything resides within you.  The universe is made out of that ecstatic feeling where human language fails to describe because of its tremendous profound magnificence and you’re awestruck for any description.

This is who you are… beautifully indescribable.   The brilliance is to embody this. 

You hold an amplified potential for creative epiphanies and igniting imagination that sets your Soul ablaze this month.  Take time to be present and to connect with your blessings and gifts.  It will be easier to align with your desires in some form whatever stage you’re in.

There is an emotional intensity that pervades the background, make sure as not to numb the emotions because it’s a catalyst for growth and transformation.  Be careful as not to personally identify with a lot of the chaotic and dysfunctional dynamics.  Bless them and move on.

We are moving through a lot of emotional debris and interfacing with new fields of consciousness while we work on unresolved things from the subconscious through dreams and memory recall.  So there’s a lot happening and it’s important to consciously participate but also ride the wave creatively, with physical movement and magnify humor with super strength coke bottle glasses.  Sometimes things are so bad they’re hilariously so good!

Ask our sassy cats Nina & Kali even they can’t escape their human parent’s roaring laughter at their expense pffft!

A steady dose of laughter releases the pent up feelings and unclogs emotional pipes to allow your divine harmony to flow again.

11:11 Encoded Transmission~

May you walk through this cosmic stargate with a greater awareness of your divine human soul perfection that you came in with. 

May you feel the infinite being that you are so you may know your limitlessness in all things great.

May you fully realize your abundant Creator abilities with the power of your heart and higher will.

May you be struck with indescribable profound magnificence through your being-ness that you overcome all obstacles & radiate it out into the world inspiring others to awaken to their own indescribable beauty and magnificence.

See you there….


Imelda Arcilla

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