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Imelda Arcilla

Author and Founder

Imelda Arcilla is an Intuitive Soul Strategist, Alchemist, Energy Healer & Creative Ascension Guide who helps with transformation in these accelerated times so you can Thrive in every important area of your life to live an illuminated rich life.

About Imelda Arcilla


Within each one of us is a seed of stardust and when properly nourished we become luminous beyond words, helping to set the world on fire in the most beautiful and inspiring way.

In the early 2000’s I had an out of body mystical experience you hear about that changes the landscape of your life forever. I truly understood that the universe is inside each one of us. And everything we’re searching for is within, waiting to be activated through desires and experiences.

Ever since then I have been un-packing the universe, which is love, wisdom and intelligence. Along with some divine magic of course!

I have a holistic approach and don’t fit in a conventional way. I see life in a deeper interconnected way beyond the surface. Like the universe I am many things and so are you.

I am a Mystic, Creative Entrepreneur and StarSoul. – meaning like many I have sensed a life beyond planet Earth. With all this I am grounded, humbled to assist others with my wisdom to discover your greatest destiny and potential.

I am here to nourish your Spirit and activate your Soul with light to live more brilliantly and boldly your dreams.

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Each 1-1.5 hour session is uniquely designed for each individual with the intention of connecting you to your highest self, soul signature and potential. (This includes an additional 15-20 minute follow-up call one week later with empowering tools, links and exercises.)

I relay pertinent information that you need now to get the ball rolling whether it’s in business, relationship, general, etc.  So you may have clarity on any area.  I give you fuel via inspiration & solid action steps to begin living the amazing life you came here for and a jump start in the right direction.

These private sessions are high frequency allowing you to receive the information most appropriate for you to take the next steps in your life’s journey.  My intention is to illuminate the possibilities that are already in your field that you may not know about or to direct you further to these beautiful possibilities that are inherent in your highest potential.

I also transmit multi-dimensional healing that is found to be gentle yet powerful in assisting in your own well- being.  Depending on what blocks and how deep they are will also affect how you experience the after effects of our time together.  My healing light will go to wherever it is needed throughout your body.  You don’t have to tell me unless you wish to share.

My unique transmission and energy is calming, yet very activating in your own knowing, higher truth & divine light.  There is no judgment and I work with all types that are ready to step into their power, heart centered and open.

I approach our time together with love, humor & compassion in guiding you to your own wisdom, creativity, brilliance and transformation.

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Imelda Arcilla was highly recommended to me by a mutual astrologer/numerologist friend of ours named Sharita Star. Being in Spiritual Services, people such as myself at times seek out fellow colleagues like Imelda for assistance and guidance. Immediately, I felt a comfortability with Imelda by just reading her website and seeing her picture. Once we connected in our initial conversation, I not only resonated with her energy, I felt like I was talking to a longtime friend. The session I had with Imelda was insightful, and healing. She is filled with love and compassion. Her work just like her persona is genuine, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking her services. Thank you Imelda! Blessings to you!

Glenn Kidd ,

Imelda,  is one of the most amazing souls I have ever met – no matter what the challenge is, she always finds a way to explain the why and a way to understand the how to move through the challenge.  She has helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life as I was transitioning through a very high vibration and shedding of old behavior and beliefs.  I am so grateful that she is in my life.  I welcome all the new people who will be experiencing her fabulous energy and assistance to move forward into the beautiful world we are coming back to.  Namaste

Kathryn Lorenzini ,
Transforming Lives

I have received various Arcturian activations from Imelda Arcilla since our first meeting in January of 2014. She is indeed a clear channel for all communications and healing techniques. She has aided me in unblocking clogged energy and to jump start an increased vibrational integration of. Imelda proves to be truly gifted in the Arcturian healing arts and extremely knowledgeable in disseminating information pertaining to higher consciousness. I trust her insights implicitly to guide me along the path to creating my new conscious successful business enterprise.

Bonnie Klenet ,

One of the best decisions I have made was to discuss my business with Imelda Arcilla. She has opened a new doorway for me to experience greater abundance in my business, which has flowed into my personal life as well. Imelda’s knowledge and outstanding intuitive skills have shown me things I never realized. As I employ what Imelda has taught me, more doors are opening and ushering in new flows of income and possibilities going forward.  I never realized how “stuck” I really was by using old business foundations, until Imelda dazzled me with her vast know-how and exhilarating energy that I couldn’t help but take notice! Her help has been so invaluable; I could never thank her or pay her enough for the excitement I am now able to experience.  Imelda understands how we need to move forward in business and the importance of cultivating our genius, keeping our integrity intact and our creativity out of its old box. A new future is fast approaching and I highly recommend you put Imelda on your team – I’m so glad I did! Looking forward to what Imelda has in store for my business moving forward. Forever Grateful

Carolyn Greenleaf,
Greenleaf Healing

My Session with Imelda was amazing! I was feeling confused as to what it was that I should be doing with my business and what was my soul purpose in life. I was carrying around this anger that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of, no matter how much work I was doing on myself, and was having trouble pin pointing where exactly it was coming from. It was frustrating carrying this around and I was long ready to give it up. I had also been feeling that my wounded child needed healing in order for me to move forward in life. I went in expecting it to be a normal reading but quickly found out that the work she does goes above and beyond any regular type of reading I have ever had done before. She was able to tap into my blueprint and give me clear, direct, and valuable information about myself, which finally gave me these deeply layered answers to the most inner hidden burning questions I have had for what seemed a very long time. During our session the energy within me shifted, my anger seemed to dissipate, and an activation took place. It was truly an amazing experience and I highly recommend everybody to her, as the work she does will instantly change your life. Are u tired of going to person after person and still feeling confused; with no direction in life, and the real important questions are still not being answered? I was…but with one session with Imelda everything changed. To me that is priceless. It was a moment I will never forget and an opportunity that I am truly grateful for.

Alexandra Tejera,
Wellness Coordinator of Sunhealers

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