Oct, 2016

Accelerated Timeline Dynamic Shift

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If you’re sensitive to energy no doubt you have been feeling the frequency acceleration.  We are embodying a new timeline and deeper access to our purpose and a more intimate soul connection.  We are anchoring in a higher unity consciousness while uniquely sharing our gifts & vibe with our tribe.

This is an intense frequency acceleration more than has ever been experienced in our history.  We are a part of a cosmic synergy where we are doing our part when we can surrender to the wave of extraordinary transformation.  By product is our mastery and creator abilities along with holding more pure divine light codes, wisdom, love and intelligence that is aligned with the mind of God or Source.

After a major Lunar and Solar eclipse season we are post portal where everything continues to change and we are being pushed for our next spiral of evolution and experiences.  October brings in a universal 10 month which equals a 1 activating new beginnings and fresh outlooks for opportunities.  Before the 10 becomes a 1 it recognizes its wholeness from the 0 which is whole and contains the infinite possibilities within it.   The 0 is the Cosmos + wholeness and the 1 is starring at itself as if it is a cosmic mirror reflecting the 1’s potential and originality in its soul purpose, but before it passes through to the other side it is catalyzed with inspiration to dive into the unknown next step.  This will require faith and to follow the opportunities, intuition and visions that are showing up in your life.

So with feeling our Soul’s craving to be original we can manifest innovative ideas and ways of living in our personal or business life that supports how we can flourish and prosper.   Move with inspiration without judgment or pessimism.   Birthing new realities need love, protection and nourishment, sustain your seeds with plenty of belief.  It’s depending on you to realize them, they too are a magnetic entity and desire life through you.  Remember what you are seeking is seeking you- it’s a symbiotic exquisite relationship you have going on.  I know- it’s wild and magical!*

Jupiter moved in with Libra for a year making relationships, personal or in business more co-operative, optimism in getting justice for things we’ve been working on for a while & balancing everything in our favor.

We are attuned with harmony and beauty when we can be present in our lives and emit it back out into the world attracting more beautiful things to love and harmonize with.

Everything continues to transform into its exalted state even though it looks crazy and we’re going backwards but, that’s due to healing the deeper parts that became the impetus for the disharmony and separation that were never fully resolved.

This timeline holds an intimate level of transparency with ourselves so we can’t get away with denial and things we would normally put aside with a key to lock it forever.   Forever just became now ascension forces us to clear up any mis-qualified energies that are no longer useful or feeding the shadow.

Our shadows are just part of us that never felt accepted and hidden.  When you can divinely debunk and resolve those parts you liberate yourself from the illusion that it was real.  This is what this time gives us, an opportunity to reboot in alignment with a cosmic perspective.   Even though we live and are a part of planet earth we are cosmic citizens- gaia and galactic there is something bigger than us that is orchestrating all this and it wants us to awaken so we can thrive in the most magnificent way because it is inherently within us to do so.

Wishing you deepest awakening that it breaks through the layers of rooted barriers of what’s keeping you at bay from your  most  profound and joyful life.  This full moon 1 degree from Uranus will catalyze this breakthrough.

Sending you much love and illumination,

Imelda Arcilla

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