Oct, 2014

Tips on Accelerating your Desires

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We have an evolutionary impulse to create our inner desires.

When life is at a standstill don’t be afraid to make waves to move the Magic around.

The Magic I’m talking about is the relationship you have with the universe as a co- creative dance partner and extension of it in human divine form.

When you’re experiencing life at a standstill, and you’ve done your due diligence and nothing substantial is happening and you’d like to expedite the process here are some wisdom and tips to help move things along.

When you are working towards your dream or desire and trying to make progress people are always going to be involved. Because if you don’t need other people’s support in creating your grand masterpiece then it’s not big enough and won’t challenge you to become your greatest self.

Boldness is key- Grounded in Authenticity

“Baby steps are great in the beginning, but boldness will give you the jumpstart or accelerated leap you need.” (short & sweet version) Brendon Burchard- Author, leader in Mindset and Marketing

Remember you are the nexus point of everything and so is everyone else with their own personal agendas. The average person is operating with a busy 3 dimensional mindset under a morphogenetic field with no coherency to their highest self and consciousness.

Most people aren’t operating from flow but from friction against a natural higher order, that if we all followed we would experience life in a more joyful, abundant, peaceful, healthy and compassionate way. It’s not their fault it’s a learned program that we are now awakening from.

You have to be bolder in choices and amplify your energy or message in a busy world that is awakening. Being bold sets trends and impacts the path for where you’re going. People will eventually listen and life accommodates for those whose stance is strong.

Your voice and vision has to be stronger than the old program. Whoever has the strongest energy wins whether it’s in sports, intelligence, intention or heart.

You can’t innovate life if you’re not willing to be audacious with it.

“Life is looking everywhere for you get on the radar.”– Danielle Laporte Author and Speaker

Showing up fully isn’t just about living your highest ability, but literally showing up being you in all different places that life is trying to meet you at. Opportunities happen in a myriad of ways, you can beat the odds by shuffling the deck in your favor in playing to win by showing up.

You find inspiration out in the world and take it back to create your own vision and art. Circulate your beautiful essence and drink in all the nuances that add to the effervescent you.

You create movement energetically when you instigate the field by taking action and allow for synchronicity to flow to you. This is when Magic happens.

You have to stop waiting for inspiration to hit you or sit idling till you feel motivated. The key is to start moving the energy first to start the energy flow, to stimulate the inner gateway for illumination, ideas and vision. You do this by initiating the field of infinite possibilities with things that spark us to come alive. This field is always present waiting to be tuned into & tapped on.

“First comes Risk then Reward”– Paulo Cohelo Author of The Alchemist and most followed writer in the world.

Risk involves getting out of your comfort zone to venture in something that will give you an experience that enhances and broadens the bandwidth of your being.

It can involve being courageous and vulnerable at the same time. Whatever the outcome it calls us to live whole heartedly the way we were meant to experience life.

When you live whole heartedly in the moment with every part of you, you change the past, affect the future, become multi-dimensional, and integrate timelines to create the best & phenomenal outcome possible!

Here’s to living and accelerating your desires now!

In service and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

Ps –  I mentioned Brendon Burchard earlier he’s the most watched self-development leader on youtube and best-selling author. As a launch special he’s giving away his latest book called the Motivation Manifesto for a limited time. I’ve followed his work for a few years and he’s quite remarkable, authentic and funny.

If you’d like a free copy to his latest book here’s a link for more info.

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