May, 2017

Are We Wired for Disappointments?

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I was watching a video with a self -development leader along with a researcher. And the researcher talked about a psychiatrist a long time ago noticed a baby kept throwing its toy out of the crib crying even when an adult gave it back proceeded to throw the toy and cry again. They found that other babies did this as well.

The conclusion is that for the baby throwing the toy and not being able to get it back and repeating is training the brain to master disappointments rather than seeking fulfillment. Powerful.

As we know how we handle things, our expectations and our emotional tendencies can be traced back to our dna because experience and emotions are imprinted there through generations. Our expectations and possibilities usually hover around what was done before us, unless something game changing happens. Or we may do a little better than our parents due to certain gains, advancements or sheer will.

Our natural inclination is to seek Soul fulfillment, purpose and divine understanding through universal laws that govern Creation but through thousands of years of negative programs, illusion of separation from Source, trauma and adhering to a controlling societal system we lost the inherent will and courage for Soul fulfillment.

Think about it the most natural thing is to be you and whatever you’re encoded for and it can be the most difficult thing to express in the world.

To be you is an act of sacred rebellion.

There’s always someone or something telling you that you have to live a particular way or you can only love a particular gender, make money the traditional way, you’re not enough or you can’t impact the current status quo or the old establishments and on and on.

As lightworkers, starsouls, change agents, healers or creatives it can be difficult to break-through what I call a frequency fence. It’s an energetic fence that keeps you in a certain level of experience and loop until you break the pattern. Although there were a few rebels back in the day most of humanity played it safe and that’s what they needed to do.

I know that you’re here for a greater purpose but you can’t fulfill that because of all the frequency webbing that you and we can get caught up in. Through the past, we incurred negative experiences that we had no control of. We are now living in a different time and the forces are now with us through the ascension process. The illusion is falling away. The heart in all of us is unifying to create a different and unique experience.

One of joy, abundance, love, freedom, creativity, miracles, alchemy and whatever magical desires to reveal itself.

Collectively the theme for this year is Breakthrough inspired by a number 1 year. It’s about taking action, initiating and exploring. Don’t wait for inspiration or a sign you must move the energy for it to be revealed. You can’t impact your life unless you do something different.

In order to break through and free from the old patterns of control you have to make the declaration to do it and this is your time. We have a Super new moon tomorrow May 25th as I shared last week the dynamics are Super charged with Metatronic light the blueprint for reality is malleable and ready to be orchestrated in the most divine way.

We are almost 6 months into our Breakthrough year. How are you doing with that? Are you impacting your life for change and moving towards the direction of your dreams, desires and goals? What are your intentions for this Super new moon?

The original divine human blueprint was to express fulfillment via Soul. Through the fall of humanity we rise again in remembrance of our true purpose and empowered abilities. There’s a Super Human Blueprint template for humanity one where we override the disappointments of the past. It holds our elevated ability to master and create anything we choose that’s in alignment with your heart’s desire.

Do you know there’s a part of us never really bought into the lies and illusion?

*Encoded affirmation*-“ I AM no longer or have ever been wired for disappointments, default programing or disempowerment through dna. I RECLAIM my original divine encodements and blueprint to override any lower energies that seek to inhibit my freedom and heart’s desires to create my Soul fulfillment. “

And so it IS!

For those on the lightworker entrepreneur journey. I did an interview with Deborah A. Baily on Women’s Entrepreneurs Radio. The title is Evolving through Entrepreneurship.  As always, my unique perspective on entrepreneurship.

“Our ability to manage and redefine challenges is critical and calls for not just a creative solution, but evolution.”~ IA

Podcast: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/dbcoach/episodes/2017-05-17T04_00_00-07_00

A previous article on same title here: http://womenentrepreneursecrets.blogspot.com/2017/02/evolving-through-entrepreneurship.html

Sending you much Super Charged Blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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