Mar, 2016

Cellular DNA Healing

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The most impactful time from the eclipse portal is afterwards and its effects up to 6 months later.  Today as I write this is the Lunar eclipse full moon in Libra inviting us to seek balance in our relationships, the light and shadow within us, unifying polarity through neutrality and non-judgment.

We are being pushed for acceleration in evolution through increasing the bandwidth for more light and consciousness we can hold at the current time.  Our Soul expands through the higher soul matrix allowing us to remember more of who we were in the past, what our purpose is and what we are truly capable of.

When we go through major upgrades and holding a higher dimensional frequency platform we are literally becoming our future self-meaning as you move into the higher frequencies linear time phases out.  And you will be able to sense the past, future and now moment at once.  Pretty cool!

For the past year or so I have been experiencing more deja-vu – that I have already experienced this.  One of the main reason is- I keep coming back to this timeline is to strengthen the ascension and golden timeline where humanity awakens to their divinity finally.  I am fortifying the timeline with the work I do as a Star gatekeeper/grid work among other things.

As we are accelerating through this it presents many challenges in the beginning, but gets easier at a certain point when we do the necessary work to free us from each level of frequency fences that keep us locked in.  Each level of the ascension spiral and dimension we are exposed to has them.  You will have to let go of something – sacrifice a lesser vibration to inhabit a higher one.

Remember the reason you are doing this is to reclaim your wholeness from soul fragmentation coming into this reality or from the past.  This is what this 3d timeline provided – challenges for you to overcome and grow as a divine being in a human vessel.  Our soul chose this life to excavate profound experience to enrich its spectrum of light. This was so beautiful and desired by the soul to know itself against the backdrop of life’s enduring drama.

Humanity became entrapped by the game it created and thankfully we are phasing this 3d game out and making it obsolete.

Interestingly enough under the present cosmic current I picked two cards separately but made sense together.

The green card is for cellular dna healing that allows for renewal and restoration of cellular memory from trauma, pain or emotional triggers at this great time of potent transformation.  The type of restoration that regenerates the Spirit within us and energizes the body.

I first picked the bottom dna card from a Sacred Geometry deck- it is about activating more of the harmonic light codes that bring our multi-dimensional nature online.  Remember the emotions of love and compassion influence and accelerate the dna synthesis to attunement to our higher self and capabilities.

This emerald and white quartz crystal being is assisting in the transmission of its intention.  It is connected to sacred knowledge stored in the emerald eternal wisdom Thoth grid.

As Easter is this Sunday this is also for resurrecting the Christ consciousness within us which is our divine birthright to reclaim our God- Goddess unified self in the zero point field or heart of creation.

These two cards energetically transmits the healing and divine dna activation to your highest human angelic potential at this time.

Healing for this transmission: “I restore my wholeness at the core of who I am and allow a deep cellular healing to take place so I may restore a new balance and energize my body’s well-being & Spirit.  I resurrect the Christ consciousness of divinity and love to return home to the heart of creation and integrate the polarity within me.  And so it is.”

Happy integration!

Joy & Blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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