Jul, 2015

Ceremony, Celebration, Freedom & Encoded Crystal Grid Picture

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For those of you in the U.S I hope your Independence Day Celebration was spectacular and filled with sparkles of light.

We watched fireworks from our back yard and did a little ceremony to enhance & embody the spirit of independence and freedom.

The universe, our galaxy is always pro expansion in the cosmos, down to the subatomic level life seeks to grow, evolve and continuously build upon itself. This is Divine intelligence’s desire & nature.

So I created a crystal grid symbolizing expansion of freedom from society’s imposed limits, judgments, illusion, negative thought patterns and fears. All these keep you from the freedom to create an extraordinary, expansive & abundant life you so deserve and are a part of.

This is the picture of the crystal grid I created- you can meditate upon it to activate your freedom of limits and more (say them to yourself out loud). The red candle is the root chakra connected to Gaia burning through self imposed restrictions, illusions & judgments we have created through distortion. Know that the picture is encoded for you to receive what you are ready to receive or release.

And you can have financial freedom without having to be a millionaire. It’s about freedom from worry & stress about money that blocks your life force and flow; it’s about having faith in the universe and trusting your alignment with the essence of who you are and what you’re doing.

The second half of this year will go light-ning fast especially as we flow with the new Now moment fluidity when we reach the higher finer frequencies or dimensions of no time.

If you’re experiencing some of the past as a dream and holds no emotional weight any longer, you are integrating the 5th dimension energies, where old trauma isn’t carried by the higher dynamics.

Everything is right here, right now for you to awaken to or use in your life for further direction. (Visualize yourself in a bubble hyper focused inside the moment where your nervous system is receiving light intel)

Summer Solstice activation allowed us to further let go to reclaim our Sacredness in the Temple of our Hearts. This is our home base, when we need direction our internal GPS brings it all together for us in the heart.

This is one of the entry points (the main one) to the quantum field of wisdom or zero point to divine intelligence. This entrance triggers grace and miracles through unconditional love, surrender & compassion.

The new light field is more potent in the divine intelligence that it offers. It’s like taking a magnifying glass to a question and the new light amplifies the strength of the magnifying glass allowing you to see something new in an old challenge you had, healing you for the next level of embodiment of your multi-dimensional self.

Not only do they tell of new possibilities, but our greatest entelechy is available, which means our realization or actualization is here instead of just a potential.

The new light is encoded with high inspiration, activating imagination and igniting our souls on fire to ground new art, innovations and creations in service to it. We have new tools & gifts to craft our magic and release miracles.

Summer is a perfect time to embody our childlike nature and play in the midnight summer’s dream with fairies and the magical forest to set the tone as an impetus for our new endeavors in our business, personal life or art that we are creating.

I was reminded by my guides when I asked how to further create the life of my desire and they cleverly said “Oh but is it a child’s game….be in your purity, presence & innocence.”

Return to your genius state, a child of wonder and awe with no boundaries only brilliance!*

Drop me a note and let me know what you’re creating, expanding and having fun with!

I have a few things in the works and will share soon!

Here is another link to an interview I did a few weeks ago. The name of the radio show is “What’s your sign? I have your number.” In the interview there were a couple of questions that I answered for the audience and a technique I shared to help you balance and reach coherence with your multi-dimensional self and more.

Fast forward to minute 17:00 where I come in. Prior to that they talk about the current astrological weather.

Click here for the Radio Show Replay.

Celebrating YOU!

Imelda Arcilla

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