May, 2016

Clearing the Redundancy

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There’s an empowering feeling in the air, a dynamic that doesn’t put up with a lot of the things that once held us back in the past.  Can you feel it?

It’s a perfect time to ride the wave of enlightenment with empowerment.  Where in your life do you feel strong and creative?  And where are the redundancies that are just worn out, tired and not serving you?  What are the conversations you’re having with yourself?

It can be a perception, idea, judgements or an energetic frequency set point keeping you in a specific experience and a loop.

We have the ability to upgrade all these encodements that have been limiting our abundant nature.  Are you claiming your dreams, desires and highest potential?

Stand up for your dreams, gifts and essentially you!

In our Magic class we worked on where the redundancy was keeping us from moving upward and forward in our lives.

With all the retrogrades we released  those redundancies.  It was liberating and empowering.

So I share the healing and clearing with you through this:

With your hands on your heart.

“I clear in my field of perception, thoughts, emotions, judgments, and beliefs that are redundant-known and unknown so I may live my freedom, unlimited possibilities and wealth in all things beautiful.  I clear it in all dimensions & space that are effecting my God Creator abilities here and now!” And so it is!

Remember when we have a strong intention for something we also must take away things in our lives that don’t promote our dreams happening for us.  Whether it’s tv, negative self-talk or indulging in conversations that don’t feel empowering.

It’s not to say we’re in denial, we’re just not focusing on what we don’t want.  We shift timelines when we fortify our desires through everything we do and say.  When you have a strong internal constitution about who you are and what’s really possible for you the hologram changes and life reflects it.

We can speed up the process it doesn’t have to take forever now to magnetize our intentions.  Most of what we’ve believed has been made up for us and we have repeated it.  So if it’s not working we can un-collapse it and choose another reality.

Facts are really just made up reality that collective consciousness are playing by.  So we get to choose new facts for ourselves and our creations by redefining what’s truly possible for us and only you can dictate that for yourself.

As game changers, pioneers, healers and masters we get to play with this reality into being from our own divine essence instead of emitting others projections.  Where can you have more fun in your life?  I realized the work I was doing was so creative, imaginative and joyful that it almost seemed crazy, because it’s so opposite of what we’re taught of what work should be!

Where can you play your life into being?  Where does it feel crazy but oh so possible, expansive and right?

Follow that- that’s where your Magic is!

When we are constricted we can’t allow the Magic to happen for us.  You don’t have to know all the details, just follow each step of what is given to you in this moment.  Say Yes to it! And watch your life unfold.

There’s something within you that has to be experienced -a deep profound feeling that drives your existence.  When we clear the redundancy we unleash this part of us that is meant to shine through.

I was watching an interview where the women was talking about Angels giving the message that we’ve got it all wrong.  We’re not here for lessons we are here to share our gifts with the world and we take on a physical body to embody that gift.

This feels good to me, I don’t choose a class room scenario where I have to constantly learn and earn my way to something.  What if I didn’t choose that for me, so instead of creating all these opportunities to learn I create portals of possibilities where it feel free, grounded and light!

Ready to unleash your gifts and dreams?   You can do it in this moment when you choose to redefine how you can creatively get there.   We have so much more power and say so in how we live our lives.

We are here to awaken that.


Imelda Arcilla

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