Sep, 2014

Coherency = Creative Power

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Coherency is when there are unified energies directed in a single force…this is power.

With personal coherency this would look like when our body, mind, heart and soul are all working together for a common purpose.

For example in order to live healthier, holistic and happier we incorporate all of these together when we are making decisions. We are directed by our unique soul, powered by the heart, followed by the open mind and applied through action.

This is just the beginning of congruency in personal power; you can take it a step further or higher and open yourself to your higher energetic fields that pertain to your multi-dimensional nature and elevated abilities and gifts.

You also exist in higher vibratory states or different frequencies and when you acknowledge & experience this and allow yourself to align with the highest part of you, you invite new possibilities + abilities that you can’t see just with your 3d eyes.

You have a higher sensory perception in all things including intuition through feeling, knowing, empathy, compassion and connected to Oneness where we are all apart of everything. This is powerful coherency, unification in Oneness. Just imagine what we could accomplish!

When you are aligned with your highest self you are in Coherency with your multi-dimensional nature, you intuit with a vast knowledge base for guidance through challenges, connect to your innate universal & cosmic wisdom, see from a higher perspective and you live out of the box.

You have protection from disunity which is any form of lower vibration of people, places or things. Your dynamic field thwarts or moves through denser energy.

Your reality becomes limitless. You experience your body as a biological technology, the door is unhinged to possibilities and morphs to a revolving door to infinite possibilities, your genius comes online and you are synchronized to opportunities beyond the old treadmill of the past.

Your life stream becomes an amplified powerful creative field!

Through coherency you’re plugged in to more vital energy that in essence is more of *YOU.*

You’re basically inviting more of your knowing self to play and affect your reality.

There is more of YOU to help you create; the life you love, joy, laughter, abundance, opportunities, sacred relationships and a thriving business.

Now coherency doesn’t just stop here of course there’s a larger body of unification to develop for instance community, planetary and galactic coherency with beautiful and mind arresting implications, but that’s for another article. 

The point is coherency at its highest form is Creative Power and YOU are at the nexus point for everything to happen through. How cool, amazing and utterly profound are YOU!?

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And if you have any questions feel free to contact me through email, website or phone. I’d be happy to clarify a specific question or anything else.

Sending you much love and appreciation,

Imelda Arcilla

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