May, 2017

Cosmic Creations and Manifestations

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A little after the beginning of the year I kept seeing 22 with a Cosmic background. As some of you may know 22 is a Master builder number. It has the power to create big dreams into reality among other things. I have some 22’s going on in my chart and attributed it to that.

At the time, I was doing recordings of podcasts and all I could sense is cosmic energy channeling through me. I felt like I was in a cosmic lounge that I actually named my podcast Cosmic lounge 22 lol!

What was imparted was that there is 22 multi-galactic (galaxies) configuration including ours in the shape of a diamond that is streaming new light codes to us that are impacting our consciousness, creations, and manifestations. Through confirmation, I am humbly reminded just how much of a Star Soul I am. I think the stardust in my third eye I couldn’t wipe off solidified this. 😉

What does this mean?

The current cosmic energy that is here is now Supercharged! This is amped up from the normal gradually rising frequencies that’s been happening for the past few years.

I call it Super Metatronic meaning the light based photonic particle is ever more potent revealing the beautiful under structure of the universe through the interconnectedness of life. Photons are the basic unit that makes up light and quantum field.

When this is supercharged the density literally lights up. Old stories and timelines drop in the presence of light. We are feeling not only the interconnectedness of everything, but the calling of our deeper purpose standing vulnerably in the wake of the wave of metamorphosis and at the same time standing powerfully in front of the tremendous wave of our greatest expansion.

These supercharged energies are also encoded with cosmic creation energies meaning they are the energetic architect of the cosmos from the HEART of the Cosmos. They respond to your heart through true desires. Remember your heart is the largest electromagnetic field in the body and these frequencies amplify that connection.

So, when you align with your hearts true desire and purpose and you take action a new level of creation is now possible. Because these are a new spectrum of light we are discovering different and fresh ways of living. There are new revelations in the field of creation we now have access to more than ever.

It’s not about working harder or becoming better to create and manifest our dreams. It’s about being who we already are and embodying that expansive light in the world. And these supercharged energies make it easier when you let go of the shizzle in your life!

Work with these new light based energies and experiment to get something new. They’re highly responsive when you’re present in the moment and out of the programmed mind of business and other distractions.

They reveal to us that everything we need to create and manifest is within us. And we’re not here to learn but to discover who we are through the experience we are having. We came here to embody a physical suit and the experiences this reality provides for us and part of that was amnesia and the separation from Source. Until we’re done with the suffering and limits we awaken to our true nature.

Life activates the already evolved part of us. Ultimately we have everything we need. When we fall asleep and unconsciously make decisions, then become aware of what caused an unwanted situation then we learn from that circumstance. When you’re highly present and self-aware in the dream that is a life you’re making, decisions based on awakened alignment with infinite Source connects the solutions.

This Source field is being energized allowing humanity to awaken and understand that genius isn’t in selected few but in you too.

Elevated creativity isn’t for the special ones but is encoded within, because you’re seeded from this master blueprint.

Mastery isn’t just for the monks in the mountains but accessible in the middle of a mundane city.

Abundance isn’t just for the rich, sure they may have a head start but you have a Heart of a Lion/ness that declares its ability to create whenever you choose to go bold and big- as in expansiveness.

Opportunities isn’t just for the well connected, when you understand just how well connected you are to everything and you orchestrate the synchronicities to meet up with your “moment” in time.

Love isn’t just for the lucky when you receive the ecstatic force that is the universe and you don’t withhold it from yourself or others.

High level manifestation isn’t magical arts that you need the secret sauce for. You know what the secret sauce is?



Lit UP.

Yup big bold YOU-niverse!

These Super Charged frequencies are awakening the asleep and those already awaken to stay awake and embody a new template that orchestrates divine creation. This isn’t about airy fairy rainbows somewhere in the etheric realms, these are to be grounded as above so below. On Earth as it is in heaven from the higher dimensions.

Meaning what desires to be created through you and your heart? Alignment equals Action.

If you’re not taking action life gives us plenty of negative symptoms when our life stream/force is blocked from truly expressing itself. Do something creative to move the energies. Dance, sing, write, express, color, help someone, do some kind of small art project, and if you want something different- experiment and do something different. Discover. Something magical is waiting for you.

We are being supercharged allowing us to recognize the brilliance within us. I’m not just talking about the shiny part of us, but the brilliant highly intelligent part that is able to tap into universal resources for anything we need help with.

A simple mantra is “I release to receive a new.” You release the lower energies to receive the profound multi-dimensional expansive elevated you-niverse.

Would you like to know how to apply the new dynamics in your life?

Save the date for upcoming events!

I will be doing an event titled Cosmic Creation and Manifestation on Saturday, June 10th at Cosmic Church of Truth and Jumping Timelines on Saturday, June 3rd  at Caring Palms. More info in the next coming days.

Interested in working with me?  Testimonial:

“I have had the absolute blessing of having a private session with Imelda, as well as having spent time with her during her classes at Caring Palms Massage and Reiki.  Imelda is a powerful little sprite! Every time she’s lead a class, as well as in the private session, I can feel her moving energy strong around. Her story is fascinating and though she be but little, she is mighty indeed!

Before I met Imelda, I felt very stuck, and as though I was holding myself back (out of fear) and since one of her classes, I absolutely, honestly feel lighter. I received the gift of having a massive healing from her and there are no words to describe how grateful I am, that we have crossed paths. Every time I see her, I know something magical will happen.  She has helped me tremendously in understanding certain relationships, Karmal Debts,  as well as ancestral Karma, which she helped to clear. I think this clearing is why my soul feels lighter and I’ve been slower to get angry and agitated with those closest to me. If someone has any issues, in any areas of their life, I highly recommend contacting her. She will help you move mountains! I am a devout Christian, an empath, an artist and a medium who is blessed to have found this amazing woman.”

-Crystal Phillips, Owner Ladybug On A Leaf Designs, Inc.

Until next time sending you many blessings and joy your way!

Imelda  Arcilla


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