Jul, 2015

Creation through Earth’s Grid

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Weekly intuitive directed guidance for your business & personal life.

The universe is always giving us direction and this morning it showed up in my tea! As I finished swirling my spoon a round foam that looked like Earth with small grids appeared.

I was reminded of the Sacred Geometry oracle cards with this particular image. Not only is Earth part of a Galactic web, but it is also called the creation grid, which you are a part of.

The geometry of the earth is a dodeca- isoasahedron and it embodies fellowship, community and our collective unconscious.

Each point on the grid has energy vortices and sacred sites are strategically placed where these geometries intersect.

You too are part of this creation point grid. Check in to see where you are directing the flow from your own light, because it will be amplified by the earth’s grid.

Where are you having energy leaks or energy boosts? Are you using the Earth’s 5th dimensional energy grid to amplify your purpose or are you still stuck in the old 3d of struggle & fear?

As you embody your light in life & business you need to connect with a community of like-minded individuals for support and inspiration.

Join a group or create a group to expand your efforts and strengthen your vision.

Whatever you need right now through connection and reaching out to your community- you will be assisted in numerous and surprising ways. Provided you take aligned action.

Reach out to someone, with the intention of just connecting- saying hello, or maybe you could be of service to them in some way or vice versa or both. Energy exchange this way is always so gratifying.

Watch for synchronicities, people popping up in your head, or maybe someone that you need to connect with that you’ve been meaning to get in contact with for a while.

See where intuitively you are being drawn and with whom. Don’t overthink- trust yourself and where you are being lead to.

No more delays and procrastination Gaia’s grid system is pushing us to resolve through connection, and relationships especially as Venus is in retrograde.

We are re-visiting our relationships not just with each other, but our relationship to the world & universe at large. Where do we fit in and how do we approach the world with our new mindset garnered by our desire to grow and overcome.

This is the beat of the evolutionary impulse to move forward through our desires.

Our desire is to have abundance through our business and or create a lifestyle that we love through our gifts and purpose.

You as part of earth’s sacred life force strengthen your efforts when connected to each other & to the larger picture and we all are graced by each other’s gifts.

Together we Illuminate the Sacred*


Great news!

There are currently 5 planets in retro and when this happens we are meant to re-align, re-assess and re-visit the meaning of those planets.

And of course I AM re-vamping & re-wiring a few things as per inspiration and cosmic directives. Time to switch things up!

In Celebration of Miracles and Abundance in my life! I am giving away the monthly membership of (AIPMA) Adventures in Infinite Possibilities Miracles & Abundance (normally $44/month) for FREE for the rest of the year.

  • Weekly intuitive directed guidance for your business & personal
  • Special topics related to theme in AIPMA and q & a First one will be next week on the Lion’s Gate, so keep a look out for the info next week. (I will remind you the day before via email)
  • Insights to the energies & light field and how to best co-create with them
  • Connecting you with 5th dimensional dynamics
  • Supporting you on your divine adventure
  • Monthly- Sacred Geometry Healing, activation, mediation, clearings or transmission will be announced.

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I will also be focusing more on teachers, healers, coaches, leaders, those that want to make an impact, creative, dedicated light workers, entrepreneurs, or sole preneurs, and those that feel they have a mission.

Everybody has a purpose, but not everyone has a mission.  In their being and hearts they know that they’re here to fulfill a bigger meaning that may be different than the collective consciousness.

They are internally driven to make an impact to live their shine out loud.  They have the seed within and need a mentor to bring out the creative power within them to activate the seed to fruition.

They need a fire starter to stoke their golden flames of luminosity to affect our reality for the good of all.

All those that I mentioned need extra support, inspiration and transformation to step into the role that they came here to play out.

They beat to a different drum, because they are here to bring a different vibe a higher frequency and some a whole new octave into being through their healing, creativity, teaching, service, business or light work.

If not their Soul doesn’t feel fulfilled, because their Soul never fully grounded its mission in some way.

I AM here to assist those beautiful game changers in this evolutionary cycle & timeline to live their divine master blueprint.

Soul Evolution through Entrepreneurship, Leadership (or in your own life), Transformation, Creativity and Creating Abundance through Ascension is what my Soul is being called to inspire and instigate at this time.

If you feel others would be inspired by this illumination & info with a free membership please share.

Thank you in advance!

Imelda Arcilla

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