Mar, 2016

Upward, Inward and Forward into Creation’s Light

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Even though March brings us Spring in all its lightness, it is a defining month as it hosts the beginning of eclipse season which always serves us something powerful in our evolution.

We have a Solar eclipse on the 9th which beckons us to dive deep into the mystical waters to connect profoundly with our true self to take to the surface as we release the old for a rebirth and recalibration to our highest self.

(If you’re feeling emotional-allow yourself to move through the deep waters for healing and resolution.)

The awesome things is: Jupiter, planet of abundance and joy, is positioned exactly opposite the eclipsefacilitating plenty of fortunate opportunities over the next 6 months!

We are yet at another wave of photonic light hitting the planet so there will lots of instability until your system integrates and balances the new you- your multi-dimensional self.

This is amplifying the grids of higher consciousness and allowing us to have a stronger connectivity with others we are seeking connections with through the heart.  We are finding those we have sacred contracts with to help us on the next phase of our adventure and journey.

As Creator’s light strengthens- the veil thins, we see the delicate light web of Gaia and Galactic energy merge, swirling, dancing the magnetic Spiral movement of Creation’s blueprint into greater awareness reminding us of the Wisdom of the Universe.

We are this Cosmic fabric, observer and Creator at the same time.  This week Wasps have been finding their way to me, even in a closed screened porch have mildly scared me that they will build a hive where they can remind me… I got the message!  And hopefully they have left for good.

Their medicine is order, architect builder, team work, progress and keep your dreams alive amidst of what it may look like.  They won’t hesitate to sting you if you threaten what is innate in them.  They don’t have long to live, so they mean business.

Even though our lives may seem so chaotic, there is an orchestrator that is beyond comprehension and our job as change agents is to anchor the new light patterns and heart pulse of the new Earth we are emerging with.  We are the architect builders of our dreams, we are progress in real time and we need to work together to make it happen.

We are now constantly being upgraded to be able to tune into this as we are crystalline tuning forks to a new magnificent reality.  So the more we release the old through unconditional love, the more we can bring this into our experience and share it with humanity.

As this year is about releasing the old paradigm collectively, we are constantly letting go of what interferes with this.  As healers, teachers, empaths, way showers and evolutionary game changers you will always be at the forefront getting the first taste of the new incoming light.

You will very often find yourself in such an expansive new state that you have no sense of familiarity.  I got a double dose of this a couple months ago and it hasn’t stopped yet.  I moved at one of the most intense times and even though I am settling in I haven’t landed if you know what I mean.  My physical, spiritual and emotional body hasn’t quite settled, because everything is literally different for me.  There is nothing familiar besides some things I have decided to take with me and I have a different relationship with them.

It isn’t easy but we said yes to holding the new evolutionary light codes down.

As we do density lightens up and we build a new foundation for a new Gaia that is in alignment with the Galactic energy.

So if things have been crazy, emotional, difficult and you’ve been doing the spiritual work along with the practical work don’t give up, listen to any course corrections and enhancement on your path.  Listen to the intelligence of this moment only.

Don’t run from the past trying to get into your future intentions.  Time has collapsed for us evolutionary game changers and the portal is this moment that zip lines you to powerfully emerging as “the new timeline.”  You are not moving and dreaming to a new timeline of preference but you have the seed of the preferred timeline already within you.

You are Unfolding the seed within you that creates the “new timeline”.  Right now it is only a seed and probability if it was a timeline already it would be easy to get there.  Meaning the path has already been created, but as an ascension guide, starseed or wayshower you are creating it, that is why it’s been a little slower we are digging the trenches as we seed the new earth.

And the good new and news is that (have you ever wondered why it was the news but nothing new?…but I digress in the irony lol..moving on.   It will get easier as the grids for a new reality take over and what wants to be experienced collectively.

March will also give us the inspiration for socializing and being more playful which is always fun when we can share the shenanigans that is ascension or just be in joy with others who have no clue which is perfectly fine.  Although we will have a holistic and healing feeling of connecting with like -minded peeps.

Remember to en-lighten up with all of this, after all that’s exactly what we’re doing.   We are lighting up the world with our brand of Divine Soul signature energy.

Play it to the fullest, we didn’t come to sit on the sidelines, but to participate and be the divine warrior in the arena of our lives.


The Healing on this transmission of – Upward, inward and forward into Creation’s Light

Place both hands on your Heart (which has the word/frequency of Earth))

“Through God’s Grace I release all that doesn’t serve my unfoldment and unconditionally move Upward into the Spiral of Creation.  I transmute all within that interferes with connecting to my Soul’s Signature purpose and I let go of the old to move forward into Creation’s Light to anchor my new abundant reality.  And so it is!”

Till next moment,

Blessings in abundance,

Imelda Arcilla

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