Oct, 2014

Ready to follow your Diamond North Star?

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Your Diamond North Star is your greatest potential, it carries your DNA blueprint for success, wealth, purpose, brightest truest essence of you, highest vision and when you are aligned to this everything you do is at an elevated state, enabling you to create on a different level and frequency.

You are at your highest creative potential in building a life you love. Your Diamond North Star has many multi-dimensional facets allowing you more access to wisdom, knowledge and gifts.

It is always guiding you from the cosmic heart to yours so your access is within. It’s not accessed through the intellectual mind but from your own internal GPS.

Life is easier from this place; you don’t have to over think but follow your intuitive promptings through the heart. The heart and mind were meant to be one in coherence and now we are going back to its original purpose.

There’s less effort and struggling when you are in the draft of your Diamond North Star. Just like in car racing the car behind the leader uses its draft to make the ride smoother without the pressure of the wind. Allow your leader self to guide you effortlessly to your destiny.

You are actually already locked into your Diamond North Star, but your mind/ego takes you out of the coherence and that’s where the struggle and frustration sets in. You are taking yourself aside from the leading draft where synchronicity and ease reside to hustling.

We are in the beginning era of the golden age and more than ever we are being Graced with evolutionary activating light codes through our life stream advancing our biological human technology. Because we are at the dawn and awakening most are still stumbling in the dark reactionary and instinctual instead of responsible and intuitive where we thrive beyond surviving.

Reactionary limits us in the past where as our Diamond North Star keeps us available to the moment and the infinite positive potentialities allowing us to follow our inherent nature for freedom.

Where you’re at in life isn’t about your past as much as it is about your future.  I know – it’s game changing! Allow this to seep in. Everything that happens to us is an opportunity to awaken to our Ascended Mastery because you are encoded too.

Just like you are encoded to be successful, be loved, be wealthy, to thrive, create and contribute. Like a seed you came in with everything you’ll ever need to reach your full potential to your Diamond self.

And what I’m encoded for is to help you align with your Diamond North Star and develop coherence at your highest level so you can create an abundant life you love that you came here for.

In the past I constantly over thought because who I innately was, was so different from the norm and because of my childhood experiences with other realities and truths. I had to think and create an outside personality to rationalize the insanity of the world. I know crazy! And when the time came for me to now follow my own Diamond North Star it wasn’t easy, as part of my contract was to understand the plight of human experience in this timeline.

In some ways it was harder for me to end the loop of doubt, insecurity, copying normalcy and over thinking because it allowed me to survive and think my way into being accepted and living like an average person.

Having gone through my own activations of awakening, understanding and courage to follow what I was truly encoded for I can say there is a grand perspective and being that frees you from self-imposed limits and societal pressures. The new evolutionary codes now unlock your greatest abilities to now follow your Diamond North Star.

So if you’re done with the struggle, being stuck or done with the old program thinking and ready for so much more possibilities to live the magic of who you truly are remember to take advantage of my limited time launch sales and services that will set you on your path for healing, activations for broadening your bandwidth and consciousness, intuitive sessions for clarity and entraining your system for coherency in developing your multi-dimensional gifts.

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In service and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

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