Sep, 2016

Eclipse Portal and a Month of Major Completions

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We are currently in a very dynamic time releasing, morphing and becoming in the now moment. Although it may seem we are doing this through a process in linear time, but because we are multi-dimensional we are doing so much more, hence the intensity of what this time brings. We are transforming in many realms.

September brings in 9999 this month, 9 month, 9 universal month, 9 year and a 9 day portal for major completion peak and it isn’t just you completing something here, but also wrapping up in other dimensions which will affect you here as well.  These four 9s will allow you to ground something significant here that you haven’t been able to before, whether it was releasing karma, work well done, tipping point or a natural progression through completion.

Interestingly eclipses occur every 19 years in the same degree so think back to what you were doing 19 years ago.  Eclipses can help you fulfill those things you were trying to accomplish back then or help you bring something to a closure or reveal something within that can trump everything in your favor either way.

With Mercury retro in the mix we get to really reinvent our next incarnation and reestablish a new platform by which we can really thrive joyfully!

All the Cosmic players are taking a slingshot pulling it back so we recede, go deep so when it’s released the jewel in the middle –you- makes a home run slinging you into your full awakened, aligned divinity.

We are preparing for an accelerated breakthrough next year and this is the end to begin anew.  Next month will be a preview of what’s to come next year.  What are your intentions, listen and align with your Soul that has been evolving through eternity and now ready to emerge in maybe a completely different way.  Trust that trust you.

Wherever you are in your divine journey there’s something in this moment that is activating your higher possibility to create and experience something your Soul has never experienced so it will be new and adventurous.  You’ll have to explore, play and risk.  Don’t be afraid to lose your identity of who you think you are including a title, role or ideal.  Free falling is scary in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it there’s a freedom that takes over and you scream for exuberance instead for anxiety.

Sometimes we wait for things to prompt us to move for fear of the unknown, don’t wait to become what you’re meant to everything you’re undergoing is to reveal that being within you.

If you wait you’ll get a lesson to become empowered to move forward, in my experience it’s just more fun to get it sooner than later.  I’m not saying there’s not harrowing moments, but that’s when you bring your Mastery in because you can!

And I’m not so sure about the “ask for the ease and grace thing” (there’s a lot of sugar in that coolaid- not that it doesn’t happen)  I get it love & light crew we can do that, but anytime I’ve done anything substantial it was about faith & balls. Yup!  Don’t wait and ask for the easy ask to become stronger there is Grace & Flow in asking for strength.

And when you do it you realize it was always within YOU.  This is our coming home- we are by nature strong, compassionate, creative, intelligent and wise star jewels.  And sometimes when were in a cosmic clearing mood we kick booty!

Happy Becoming…and welcome have been waiting for you.

Your Sacred Rebel,

Imelda Arcilla

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