Aug, 2016

Everything has Changed

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I took this cool picture a few days ago.  Living on the beach again (click here for the Timeline Shift to Jacksonville blog) I get to take amazing pictures of the Sun illuminating its light code messages.  And one of the main messages I am receiving is “everything has changed.”

It takes us a while to catch on with our sensing 4 bodies, as our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual has to all be aligned to have full coherence to a higher reality where we’re really at or where we are REAL at.  Meaning where our predominant self resides and isn’t cut off from our multi-dimensional self just existing in a limited linear dimension.

Humanity has been stuck in 3d for so long that we have forgotten to remember- meaning to be a member of our wholeness and the next few weeks we have the opportunity to synchronize with our highest self and to remember we are integral to the whole micro and macro.

We may be feeling it in our bodies through symptoms that something is definitely happening, and we spiritually know that we are more than this experience but the mind may be living the same loop because it hasn’t quite freed itself from the program.

Or our emotions betray us through trauma yet to be released.  And because we can’t yet sense the new coming in we continue to live the same pattern only to go snail pace at making change.  Or maybe we can sense a new world emerging but are afraid to move forward.

Alignment in these 4 energetic bodies is:

Your spiritual body is attuned to seeing the vision or sensing of a new world and you don’t have to wait for things to 3d change because you ARE the CHANGE.  You operate from a 5d+ lens. You become a futurist here and now with your frequency.

Your mental body has let go of the limited old ego, beliefs, thought processes & patterns and opened to the new multi-dimensional bandwidth, expansive possibilities and responsibilities.

Your emotional energy and heart has been elevated beyond the lower levels and moves toward a higher level of love, joy, experience and creativity.

Your physical body has become an inspirational channel, grounding force, anchor, through health, proactivity, courage and expressive force for your gifts and purpose.

When you have an alignment with these energetic bodies not only will you have coherence with your highest self, but you will also be part of creating the new world.

There are a lot of things happening with our system and we are upgrading through it all a new operating system to become that new divine superhuman.  And when I feel the energetic wave of change moving through me and it feels stuck in one of the 4 bodies mentioned I use the Multi-dimensional 8 technology it’s great for assimilating all your energies together so they are in synch as much as possible.

Exercise:  (some of you may know this from my events, classes or from a past blog- share it to remind)

The Multi-dimensional 8 Technology

See a point at the top of your head representing your highest self 5d+  see that point make an arch to your back 2 inches below your belly button and go out the front then arch to through ground then coming up to the back 2 inches below the belly button again then arch to the top of your head meeting the first point.  This would have created an 8 through your body.  Look at an 8 to get the flow.

In times of feeling emotional, anxious, needing energetic breakthroughs, assimilate the new or coherence through all bodies including your multi-dimensional self use this 8 technology.

I’ve shared this many times and feels important once again as we move through another ground breaking wave~.   As we are in the middle of intense Eclipse season and we have a Solar Eclipse on September 1st.  It’s simple and you can do this anywhere & anytime.

Here is a mantra you can use when remembering everything has changed.

“When I have a flash back of the past I remember in the now I am already the Master I have become.”

“Everything has already changed for the better.  I anchor it in through my higher sensing lens and become it in my Heart through being and doing.”

“A profound revealing is unfolding from a deeper well of ancient cosmic wisdom mixed in with the current is guiding your new direction for humanity.” – New Earth Wisdom Keepers

Sending you much joy,

Imelda Arcilla

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