Sep, 2014

Falling into Place

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Hello Beautiful Souls, I’ve taken a break this summer to align and expand my bandwidth of consciousness and as a result knowing. I hope your summer was sizzling in a good way!

I’m happy about the Fall/ Autumn Equinox although the climate doesn’t change too much here in South Florida I’m anticipating a little bit of cooler weather.


Equinox Autumn is equal day and night and it promotes our own inner balance of light and dark and what we need to balance within ourselves and life. Are you paying too much attention to what’s going on in the world rather than taking direction from your own internal GPS & North Star? Are you re-framing challenging situations to a new way of looking at something or to work in your behalf or are you responding to life from an old memory bank that’s no longer credible to where you’re going?

On the other side of it, are you dealing with the darker side of things or are you afraid to look into the crevasses of the unknown? Remember when you become clearer life works in your favor.

As synchronicity would have it Pluto the planet of transformation goes direct today, so whatever you’re courageously & boldly working on, the universe is giving you much support and assistance.

Your destiny if you choose to embrace it is a beautiful multi-dimensional metamorphosis that activates your power, potential and a life you love!

This Fall I’m harvesting what I’ve gathered and learned over the past few months and I’m ready to begin a new fresh season of possibilities. Like seasons our evolutionary cycles can harvest us amazing results and creations if we’re paying attention and being present with our lives and what Spirit is telling us.

This year is a Universal 7 year for going within, searching for truth in your life, unlocking mysteries and having faith.

When you’re moving towards your dream by incorporating these elements of having clarity in your own truth, discovering what was hidden from you, elevating your consciousness to see from a wider perspective & having faith all of these cues you for success in the coming months especially for next year.

Next year will be a Universal 8 year (2015 meaning 2+0+1+5=8) If you’ve been doing your inner work for this year it sets you up for an outstanding next year which stands for success, money, reaping what you so, infinite possibilities and energetically a very dynamic year.

Take to heart that your visualizing, taking aligned action, making goals with soul and inhabiting the vibration can look like an unstructured puzzle until your focus becomes clearer and one day everything is Falling into place….

….then fresh cool beginnings beckons your attendance to a new dance synchronized to an inspiring symphony.

Stay focused and committed in the dance.

I’ve been busy putting together my new website to reflect my alignment to my higher truth and gifts. It’s about Illuminated Living- an enlightened approach to all areas of Life.


  • Holistic Practices
  • Abundance Consciousness
  • Aligned Action
  • Metaphysical lens
  • Spiritual Alignment
  • Physical wellness Ascension – our body’s energy system elevating to a higher vibration & recognition of our Multi-dimensional nature and gifts.

Under Ascension & Cosmic Energy Empowerment I’ll be incorporating more articles about Ascension our ability to accelerate our growth & evolution in our timeline cycle we’re in, and the beautiful implications of our multi-dimensional nature. I’ll also be giving a heads up on how the current energy waves are affecting us so we can ride them for the best outcome through what I call “Cosmic Energy Empowerment.”

I bring it all together with our connection to the Cosmos and how it directs our experience, growth and success. Through coherence we can unify & integrate everything to live an Illuminated rich life.

The Universe has a great sense of humor and I find having fun with whatever I’m doing is an awesome way of celebrating life and its adventures. Life is Magical when we lighten up!*

So please check it out and let me know what you think!

I have a couple of new services and as a launch to my new site everything is 25% off till the end of October. If you know of anyone that could use my service at a discount let them know.

To new beginnings and everything Falling into Place together,

(I would love to know what exciting things you’re working on or starting.)

Imelda Arcilla


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  1. Toni Freeman

    I enjoyed your site very much. I would like to start studying so I can learn how to think positive thoughts and imagine myself in a better life. Can you suggest how to start on this path???


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