Oct, 2014

Golden Orb Spider Symbolism

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A few weeks ago we went to a local park which had a small area for hiking. As soon as we walked on the path it seemed more like a spider’s den with many webs and these were especially interesting as we had later learned they were called Golden Orb Spiders because they weaved a golden silk web.

In many cultures, the spider is special for its ability to weave intricate webs that are a miracle of organic engineering.

That night I had a dream of a spider’s web and instead of seeing the normal web pattern, there was a pattern of sacred geometry, cosmic codes like the ones you see in England with the crop circles.

Part of its message was beyond our horizon lies something greater that we are all an extension of and that we create our reality from within.

All the abundance and opportunities we’re searching for is recognized within, and then created in the world. We all have the ability to weave gold, prosper, invent, build, thrive and transform our lives into a rich experience in every area of our lives.

We can start by acknowledging our relationship to the universe which can be enhanced & strengthened through intention and feeling connection. This is where life feels magical and filled with infinite possibilities. Through a quantum web you are already connected to the life you desire now. What you’re working or playing towards is grounding energetically through expression, purposeful action, due diligence and commitment.

We cut our connection to this magical field or web by getting stuck in our heads, ego, fear or past. New possibilities lie in this moment and we can’t connect or create it if we’re stuck in our story.

Fortunately we have some astrological alignments on Wednesday the 8th lunar eclipse and Mercury in retro to reflect what needs some house cleaning & harvesting. Eclipses are very potent and can thwart you to new beginnings as in new ways of seeing things that are in accordance to your soul’s true path.

It asks you to choose boldly because if you’re not clear like a tsunami it will take you where it takes you and that can be a long way from home. So make sure you have your internal soul gps on with coordinates so it can direct you where you want to go.

It’s a perfect time to get out of the shadows and give yourself permission to let go, forgive and follow your north star to freedom.

The spirit of the spider is to weave your destiny and to encourage integration of all parts of you, by fully embodying everything you’re capable of as a multi-dimensional being.

We unconsciously activate our higher abilities, through circumstances in life and when we can respond to these events from a higher perspective the emergence of the greatest you comes through.

I recently watched the documentary with Diana Nyad who at the age of 64 swam an epic 110 miles Cuba to Florida without a shark cage and endured paralyzing stings from deadly jelly fish.

Diana as a child suffered through sexual abuse and she used her love of swimming to showcase her obsession with overcoming and what professional and others were telling her was impossible.

In the process showed the world inconceivable super human powers. I have no doubt we all possess these amazing gifts in our own way.

What within you is trying to emerge and what circumstances in your life is requiring you to fully embodying the greater you?

In service and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

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