Jan, 2015

Happy Abundant NOW Year!

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This year our Wealth code is activated and the potential for you to create this for yourself is amplified.

2015 brings us an 8 year and a special code as an invitation to succeed and thrive in many ways. The opportunities this year holds are tremendous providing you are committed to your journey and dreams.

When the ride gets crazy don’t abort- this is an adventure after all of Cosmic proportions. Stay the course from within and center yourself, this is your point of power amidst chaos you are at peace not buying into the energy frenzy of what’s externally happening in the illusionary world.

Infinite resources are here to assist you when you can tap into the Now moment and materialize them into reality. 15 is the number for spiritual alchemist, magician and healing through joy and surrendering. As we move up the cycle of ascension our human transformation will be a catalyst to embody our own divine abilities of alchemy, magic and miracles. And 1+5 is 6 for love, nurturing and creation, so we will be nurturing what we want to create in our lives for more love.

As we channel and ground heavenly inspiration we are transported to an elevated reality bringing it here and affecting the world around us. This is part of our mastery and ability to change our world and this year the dynamics support this and will reflect what we are tuned into right away, there will be no hiding. Distractions will leave you with a sense of being out of alignment with nervous tension in a waiting room pattern. You will be pushed out of this space and not in a fun way.

But if you’re conscious and on the path of co-creative ascension meaning you have an understanding that evolution collectively is a co- creative partnership with the universe, you’ll be in a space of being supported, flow and more fun. We are all doing this together and choosing the best outcome for all and individually in this timeline.

This is a year that we have been waiting for especially if you’ve been doing a lot of spiritual, inner work, or have been diligently working on projects or building a business- life will reflect where you truly are and pay you beautifully. So it’s time to take action on your dreams, no more excuses, it’s time to be seen for your true self!

There’s so many ways to live a rich and fulfilling life- this year gives us endless ways to connect with it in deep, meaningful and surprising ways.

We will have the ability to balance our thinking process from both hemisphere of the brain and break free from the polarity thinking you can be imaginative, intuitive, creative and also be direct, focused and action driven. You no longer have to play sides you are all of it and have fun with the parts you’re strengthening.

There is a quickening in manifestations, thoughts and actions as you move forward or think a thought life will quickly reflect the outcomes of your focus and beliefs.

It will be a year for the Illuminated Soul to rise in its glory as you will now be supported in your your wisdom to set the world on fire with your light. You will become a beacon for many reasons and they all lead to an underlying truth of the way home which is through the liberated heart.

The Now moment will become your magic carpet to possibilities waiting for you. When you talk about seeing friends in the near future it will be in the Now future you will see them. Old time will fade as you move into the eye of the vortex of hyper expanded awareness.

To connect and integrate the new energies that are here so you can live an elevated life- I invite those who live in South Florida to a new class called Sacred Emergence.

Are you ready to Embody your Evolutionary Creative 5d template?

Let this Happy Abundant NOW Year be the year you live what’s truly possible for you and thrive beyond the past.

Sacred Emergence 1- Embodying your Evolutionary Creative 5d template

  • Are you ready to crystalize from your signature success dna unique to you?
  • Release old trauma & programs that have you in a loop pattern of struggle, limits and lack.
  • Are you ready to create from a 5d creative template of infinite potential, possibilities, magic & abundance?
  • Are you ready to personify& express your inherent gifts and abilities for elevated living?
  • Are you ready for a transformational experience to enhance every area of your life?
  • Receive Activations and so much more.

Sacred Emergence is a 2 step evolutionary technology for the purpose of first assisting in clearing outdated past history and accompanied with the newest & powerful transmission of assisting you to connect with the creative templates available- this will create a Sacred foundation.

We are excited to present to you this Transformational Sacred Emergence class – As we start the New Year with Bright Possibilities, Alignment to live your Highest Expression and a Life you Love.Bring a friend to share the Sacred Magic*.


We look forward to seeing you and wishing you the most rich and illuminated year!

In service and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

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