Feb, 2017

How Can You Integrate The New You With All The Distractions?

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There are so many things pulling at our attention from distractions, responsibilities and the current energetic uprising that we’re seeing play out in the world.  And in the middle of all this, we’re supposed to spiritually connect, create our abundant life, live our purpose and evolve at the same time.

With information overload from the internet, social media and coaching advice on YouTube it can feel overwhelming. Liking, watching or reading something doesn’t necessarily mean an impact took place.

It’s not just about intel gathering, googling and mining for data. It’s about metabolizing the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom for a deeper impact. This is done through our somatic being, our cellular capacity to integrate new consciousness that unifies and heals. Through head and heart.

We’re not just going for superficial change – you can change your ideas, clothes or routine. We are undergoing a profound transformation through dna upgrade. It’s about our Soul Evolution. So just reading and skimming things on a surface level isn’t going to transform your experience.

A new geometric pattern is emerging within our very being. Meaning a divine blueprint now available to humanity. This is activating our latent potential to master our lives and become the Creator we were meant to be. This is the by-product of Soul Force Mastery incarnate.

This is what this accelerated ascension timeline affords us. It’s not easy but worth it when you can see your growth. Here’s what you can do on your part:

*Integrating the new will take devotion on your part. Beyond the ordinary commitment. Devotion is a super power that sustains the rigorous challenges. It’s the light in your corner that fuels your endurance to go the distance.

Why are you willing to devote your life force to alchemize your mind and transform into a more evolved being, time and time again? Because each cycle of growth you undertake is a bandwidth of potential to not just master your life, but to create your life. The implications of that alone is breathtakingly open to the possibilities you possess. Answer this for yourself.

*Your Breath is Sacred. We are living in dynamic times the energy volume will only amplify. So, make sure throughout the day you consciously breathe and take in rhythmic breathing techniques from the lower belly, not the usual shallow chest breathing. Oxygen purifies, promotes circulation and releases pockets of stuck emotions, so there is more of a fluidity for incoming light to fill in.

Your body is the greatest technology and it has regular daily upgrades incoming from Source intelligence and your higher self. Be patient. Your breath when centered and in cadence with your soul purpose sets the pace for unrivaled equanimity.

*Make time to integrate what’s happening within. Time is malleable an unlimited, there’s no excuse to not create it for important things. Sometimes this will call for just being still for a few minutes a day. The action of this alone is telling yourself that “I am here” in the stillness of this moment “I receive.”

Major uploads happen in this space.

*Distinguish between distraction and desired clarity. Sometimes when life gets roweled up and we’re experiencing charged and potent emotions from the polarities of extremes of wrong/right, bad/good, left/right or this way vs that way. We can attempt to find solace in our centeredness. And for some reason, we can’t find the peaceful calm no matter what we do and that’s ok.

I’ve found, if that’s the case there’s something needing more attention and clarity from us by our higher self. Integrating the new you will mean you’re incorporating ideas, beliefs and thought processes from your future self which you’re beginning to embody. So you will respond differently to current situations meant to activate and reflect the new you.

*Feel your feelings. This is necessary as you take in new intel and wisdom through your field of consciousness and body. As things are accelerating you’ll likely get taken away by all the happenings around you. Real change is transformation on a cellular level you must be careful of not getting trapped in the thinking mental mind.

You integrate by metabolizing the incoming new light codes and everything that you choose to embody. Meaning there is a process of digesting and assimilating new consciousness through the physical body. It’s a deep somatic experience meant to employ every part of your being into wholeness. There is a strong intention for your body to move towards this because of the separation we became fragmented.

Tweet: Through our intimate relationship with our feelings, we can begin the journey back to our uniqueness, oneness, and wholeness.

There are many ways to integrate the new you, which will expand your horizon and potential as you step into the next level of your light.

The most important thing is to surrender to that which is inevitable. Trust what You are becoming…


Imelda Arcilla

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