Jan, 2015

I AM Imelda Arcilla

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I AM Imelda Arcilla

Because this powerful year holds tremendous potential providing you are aligned with your greatest purpose…

I have decided to go back to my original birth name Imelda Arcilla. I have never really legally changed my name, but took on Amanda for several reasons and some that I didn’t even realize until I looked deeper.

On the surface I took on Amanda because it was easier for people to say ( I don’t know why but Imelda was a little difficult for people) and also I got tired of the numerous jokes about how many shoes I had. There was a famous Imelda Marcos years ago that hoarded thousands of expensive shoes.

It was an easy transition to Amanda from Imelda-they sound similar.

And Amanda served me well. Until the last year or so I realized that I was dissipating my energies. You see in numerology when you change your name you can change your destiny along with other important defining numbers.

Your name has a specific vibration that effects how successful you’ll be, what you’ll attract along with your purpose.

Because I didn’t legally change my name I was living in 2 worlds dissipating my power and the reason I came here. It felt as if I was supposed to be someplace else and I began to feel seriously frustrated and dumbfounded at what was happening.

As I went into the New Year I promised and committed myself to living my wealth, success, gifts & grace. So I re-assessed (thank you Mercury retro) my name and realized what I had always known and remembered.

Upon looking further into the name- Imelda Arcilla brings with it a couple of master numbers which to have one is already very charged & intense. I’ll keep it as simple as I can without having to give a numerology course.

One of my master numbers from my birth name Imelda Arcilla is a 22=4 this is a master builder & manifestor meant to leave a legacy that will help elevate life and humanity. It has 4 times the energy because it’s going to need it to create and any kind of enterprise, empire or business of some kind. I came here with this purpose as the hand of Source to build something of true value.

I also have a 55=1 for innovation, expansion, leader and originality. The 55 takes it to a vibration that is above the norm by actually transforming energy in some way and inspiring others in its transformation. A perfect example of this higher consciousness is Gandhi who used his discipline and work with metaphysical tools to move and inspire the whole nation of India into change.

As I researched further I read something that really put things into perspective. It said as this master 22 number “you felt awkward as a child but with much intense energy and felt a burden to carry its responsibility”. You see all my numbers point to this and having two master numbers made me feel very uncomfortable in my skin because I didn’t know what to do about it.

And when I did I was told by the world I couldn’t be what I was & compelled to be. I had no support to carry such high frequency numbers and a few times I was ready to exit this realty.

On top of this my life path is 18/9 which is also a very powerful combo for- leadership, success, power and pro- humanitarian rights

So in truth I took on a different name because it dissipated the intensity & gifts I was given or had planned for myself in this life time.

The name Amanda is a 7 number- perfect for going within, researching, finding the truth, mystical and wisdom driven. I had actually lived in a 7 home for 7 years to gain much understanding & remembrance about reality, the world, metaphysics, ascension, creative evolution, the expanding truth & where we’re going as a collective etc.

I had keys to a Ferrari and gave it up so I could go within to walk with nature, slow down, breathe, hack reality, extract wisdom, understand the hologram, love myself and become the Jedi Master I had intended to become.

The name Amanda served me well and I AM now called to resume my original purpose with focus, drive, direction and much hard earned & gained wisdom.

I love synchronicity because the day I realized this &(wrote on paper “I AM Imelda Arcilla”) to reclaim my name was on a 22 day and looked at the clock it was 2:22 pm.

It gets even more amazing as I shared this info with Brian my partner he reminded me that a few weeks ago in the middle of the night he saw me wake up and write “January 22” on a note pad and asked me what that was about and I said I have no idea- I was to write it down because it was a significant date.

I literally had to catch my breath to take it in because I had forgotten! (I was so happy to have a witness…lol!)

There is so much more to this particular event and hope to share with everyone when the time is right.

I share this story because it is not just my story but, it’s your story, everyone’s story of self-acceptance, standing in your light, slowing down to reconnect with your true purpose & highest self, reclaiming your power, connecting to your wisdom and it’s never too late to be who you came to be.

Here’s another fun fact- it was 22 years ago that I started to take on the name Amanda to now re-claim Imelda.

Whatever challenges are happening for you slow down to see through the programs, illusion, & the stories we tell ourselves, because the universe is communicating to you through clues, codes & synchronicity to claim your power to create a life where you shine, thrive and love!

This year we are invited to live our most powerful and authentic selves through the heart. We are inspired to now live fully our true self and why we are here.

See where you are dissipating your own abilities and purpose.

I invite you to take an Illumination session with me in how to best direct your Soul this year and moving forward. For my readers you will have a discounted offer. Contact me for further information.

Here’s to living powerfully on point and watch your wealth grow in every direction.


Imelda Arcilla

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