Feb, 2015

Illuminating Frustration to Fulfillment

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Using frustration to harness fulfillment

As we become more sensitive and acutely aware of being pushed to grow and expand we can sense the liberation in the bigger picture of where we are headed.

We can also sense what’s possible for us in all positive manners. When we do our work whether inner or outer work to build something of value and take action daily we expect a cumulative effect in our lives and where we should be as a result.

If nothing is happening and you’ve done everything you can from where you’re at including being patient and you know things can be different meaning better- frustration can set in. A sense of what am I doing wrong or not doing- stories can also arise from this efforting place and this energy can be used as being stuck, anger, confused, helpless or worse to completely disengage with the thought in the hopes it will just work itself out.

Seeing everything as a gift and opportunity this deflated tire can become the vehicle to your fulfillment.

Use frustration which is basically tension of where you are and where you really want to be, have or accomplish as a tool towards achievement in the direction of your desire.

Use the energy of frustration and tweak it just enough for it to become positive tension towards attaining something. Like clock parts and gears that need perfect tension to work as a whole, guitar strings & piano keys need the right amount of tension to play its cord and tune to channel something beautiful.

Yes, it’s about transmuting the negative or overwhelming energy but, don’t stop there then- flip the script into something more positive then use it as a powerful force to creating an amazing life or something substantial through intention.

Energy in any form whether it’s thoughts, emotions, fear or spiritual is dynamic if you know how to harness, organize then direct it.

When you know how to use any type of energy for good that makes you a very powerful creator moving beyond the chains of duality, you can affect the old program of reality and impact humanity! 

This becomes a game changer from game slave to Master operator of Grace- the game becomes obsolete. Remember if you want to make something obsolete create something better that nullifies the old.

The old hologram can’t work if you can see through it, harness universal intelligence for positive influence. Struggle, pain, guilt or shame can’t have power over you when you can flip its script of those old programs.

Next time you feel frustrated, anxiety, pain etc,..don’t buy into it, resist or ignore it, use it for its positive properties instead- fuel your intentions.

Use it to overcome a personal challenge, create a solution, elevate life, fuel passion, build on or magnetize your manifesting skills.

Whatever you do don’t become overwhelmed- it’s a trap and the way out is to make friends with it. Like any tool energy can be used to tear our Spirits down or to tear down the illusion to create a better model where it becomes your magic wand.*

(This reminded me of when I wrote this back in 2012)

“Go ahead envision, fantasize, get curious, dare, follow your heart’s secret desires, conjure up a ritual, meditate, get in your vortex, declare things that will enhance your mojo or use every vibrant adjective to articulate your Magic wand, then use it to give rise to every dream you’ve ever had and dispel every false illusion that told you, you were wrong.”

Just imagine how much more vitality you’ll have in your life when you use all the so called negative emotions as fuel for creating a life worth living!

Especially as the dynamics gets more intensified it is an opportunity to further align with your highest multi-dimensional self.

Own the grit and transform it to grace….

Sending you much love,

Imelda Arcilla

A Channeling for you~

In your evolution it won’t be long till you can consistently see from a higher perspective that everything that comes to you in the realm of your reality is your responsibility- ability to respond to it in a Masterful way. We hold the space for you always for you to see that you have the ability to shift anything therefore experiencing something new and fresh. This can only happen when your mind is quite, heart is open and body is relaxed.

Next time you find yourself in anxiety over something quite your mind, open your heart and feel us holding you in a sacred space & bubble of golden light. Feel the profound peace transmitting to and deep within you. Sit in this space for a few minutes and feel your life transform moment by moment.

~The Ascended Ones

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