Mar, 2015

Illusion to Illumination, Moving Beyond Limits

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Illusion to Illumination, Moving Beyond Limits

I found this gem from a past post and thought it to be so appropriate now and feels like a timeless reminder of what we are going through. Those who choose the journey into the light of evolution and elevation in creation.

In-Joy and Gratitude!

To move beyond the seeming limits of the past, we have to be open to a new frame of reference a new point to create from where infinite possibilities arise.

This happens through the Now portal- where the new greets you with fresh vitality & aliveness.

Where the psychological boundaries collapse giving way for us to be more of who we truly are, in the beginning it may feel strange and scary because you have left the old rigid constructs to now play in the abundance of the universe, where things are more fluid and your dreams are more accessible.

Dare to reach out in exploration of the excitement that is emerging within you, this is the real you. Feel into it. Breathe into it. Step into it. Grow into it.

Allow it to break you wide open in places that were closed, to now embody your light…..your power.

Be in the expansion of whatever is happening in your life, it will take you to a new world of illuminated rich living.

~ Imelda Arcilla

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