Dec, 2016

Innovating New Year’s Resolution

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New Year’s resolution was created annually to take on new habits that would ultimately help you in some area to become better, enable or to support a personal goal.

Of course it doesn’t always stick for various reasons.  Either the Subconscious isn’t on board or it can be un-motivating even though it’s something that’s important to accomplish.

Frankly New Year’s resolution can be boring and monotonous.   I’ve stopped doing it a while back because it just wasn’t enjoyable.  Although to reach a greater evolutionary potential we need to be inspired from within.

Instead of just goals, create an overall theme for the year.  It can be a word or words that makes you feel the possibilities associated with that word.  It should make you feel expanded, light and free and take inspired action towards your intention.  Essentially your energy field saying YES!

This exercise isn’t about the mind, but intuitive and heartfelt.  They did a study with a group of people who put together their law of attraction board with pictures of what they consciously wanted to happen and a 2nd group who picked pictures & images from a subjective intuitive place that for some reason they were drawn to.

And by the end of the year the 2nd group manifested the images that they were attracted to unconsciously, but also felt good.  We get stuck on what we think we should work towards instead of making decisions based on what feels right for us at the time.

For example instead of having a resolution of losing X amount of pounds maybe have a theme of “strong and vitality.”  You’ll notice all things that will align you to this theme, whether it’s a book or an idea.

You’ll also unknowingly turn on the tv at the right time that will have a show about being fit and energized.  Or hear conversations about those words or theme.

Note where you’ll also drop habits that aren’t in alignment with the theme because your focus isn’t on the problem, (of painfully trying to lose weight) but the solution.  You will intuitively be drawn to those things which will empower you.  That doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges,  but you’ll be able to redirect your efforts for a positive outcome sooner than later.

Last year I picked or rather the word and theme “Illumination” picked me.  I was desiring a more expanded and intelligent understanding of the universe so I could think with the mind of Source.  I know if feels pretty epic.  Like I said it picked me.

So instead of having a resolution about blah blah blah.  I trusted the universe and the bigger plan.  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have inspired goals within the theme, or lack work ethic, but it’s being led by something that lights me up, un-constricting, compelling and creative.

I am flowing with a higher plan which tends to have more of an impact than what I think I should be doing.  Remember beliefs tend to mimic other people’s success or culture’s pressure of what life should be.  You’re an original and how you reach your potential will be unique.

So that Illumination or strong and vitality theme will attract and fill in what I intend on accomplishing instead of looking at the dreaded to do list.  I ‘m excited about how the universe is bringing everything together.  And it isn’t always linear sometimes I’ll receive something before I need it.

You can also have sub themes if you feel inspired to have a detailed focus on a particular element that will assist in adding to the overall theme and intention.

You can even associate colors, smell, vibe, art, symbols, patterns or music with your theme they all help to create a feeling, focus, vision and expanded potential to reach your original intention.

So what word or theme feels light, expansive, energized, creative, on point, playful or inspiring you to say YES! Or what is seeking you?

Share your theme with the group or need help with your theme?  Under the post what’s your theme for 2017- share or I’ll  help you find your word or inspiring theme.

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Here’s to a inspired & creative fulfillment that feels free and expansive!

Joy and Blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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