Mar, 2017

Life is but a Dream

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The energetic cycle of the last few weeks from the eclipse to the Spring equinox have opened up epic gateways to new realizations. The evolutionary codes illuminating the collective and creation itself is revealing once dormant layers in the field that’s activating more of our higher potential.

The dynamics are powerful and palpable. A lot of people are continuing to go through many emotional symptoms from anxiety, heart expansion to a dreamy state with spaciness. As we move into expanded consciousness we are being entrained to the new light based frequencies.

The new entrainment feels dreamy because we are moving from the normal brain wave functioning from its stresses of the beta state where logic, over reasoning, anxiety and critical thinking prevailed. We are now naturally sustaining the borderline of alpha and theta brain waves.

Alpha brain wave puts us in a relaxed day dreamy state ready for a light meditation. It heightens imagination, learning and concentration. We are also easily slipping into Theta brain wave, a deeper meditation where you’re more connected to your subconscious self, unity with the universe is accessed here along with spiritual oneness.

This is where you align with profound creativity, great inspiration and profound insight. Because we’re normally in the stresses of beta critical thinking, being in alpha and theta where you’re constantly tuned on and tapped in takes getting used to.

Ultimately, it’s where our Mastery is at. In the past, we needed time out and space to get into these meditative and profound states, but more and more these genius brain waves are available to us right now. That is what these new energetic waves are doing. They’re entraining us for a new reality.

As we change internally the external hologram reflects the change. Our reality is morphing to support the inner adjustment. The implications of what’s possible when we are open to the transformation that is taking place in the human light body is breathtaking!

I can attest to this. It takes time getting used to a new brain wave that is consistently on high creativity and connected to the quantum field. Brand new spaces takes time to feel a new level of normal. Take time to assimilate the new emerging you.

We are constantly getting upgraded, we are never in the same space in the ascension cycle. Things might look the same, but that’s just an illusion, a sight delay, meaning what we are seeing is an eye sight delay. We’re actually further into the future even if it’s just a few seconds.

In the quantum field, every possibility has already occurred. Every moment consciously or unconsciously we are choosing the experiences we are now experiencing through our intentions, emotions and agreements.

The Mastery within us is being activated with the new evolutionary light codes beaming to the planet. As things shift and the veil of dimensions become thin. There are now blurred lines in reality. Remember there was an agreement of what defined our reality we all played along with. Until we figured out it no longer serves us. Now we’re getting to re-define what does work for us.

Don’t allow other people’s reality to dictate how far you go!

Life as your reality has always been a dream, that you are awakening from. In the past, your dream was more of a sleeping state. Now you will understand that true awakening is being awake in the dream. It’s a return home as much as possible while in human form in heart and head. That is the experience you wanted to feel the AWE of it all. ~ Arcturian Wisdom

For those of you in Jacksonville, I will be doing a class at Caring Palms on Saturday, April 8th at 1 pm. It will be about connecting with your multi-dimensional nature. Contact Caring Palms to reserve a seat or for more info.

We also have the Sunday’s Adventure in Creation Mastermind online. Where we create our life in real time with the evolutionary light codes enhancing our transformation. Contact me for more info.

Joy and blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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