Magic_500-313Are you ready to Up-level Beyond your limits for more magic, wealth and possibilities?

Are you stuck at a frequency set point experience and want to up level or to accelerate?

Would you like more choices than what the world gave you?

Welcome to M*A*G*I*C

  • MAGIC- Multi-dimensional*Alignment* with God’s Infinite Creation

MAGIC is by definition – manipulating course of events through supernatural force for a particular outcome.

Life feels Magical when things come together with ease, grace, synchronistic and with an added element of surprise and you somehow feel like the universe gave you a cosmic wink.

There is the Magic that our imagination stimulates of what is possible for us in our lives and then we can go to visit our friends the fairies, angels, dragons and galactic star friends in other dimensions to bring back the magic to influence our limited reality.

And what about the miracles we encounter when we pray whole heartedly or surrender to a higher will.

Of course we can induce the Magic through rituals and spells.

  • What if we, you and I were a part of those divine supernatural forces and instead of feeling lucky to have come across magical happen stance we actually have more of a part in it?
  • What if the magic & mystery in the universe we are looking for isn’t out there and the dark matter that scientist can’t really find isn’t so elusive.
  • What if the mystery will never be solved because it’s not meant to be, but we can be intrigued by it and dance with it and in doing so this indescribable yet undeniable thing makes our lives more meaningful somehow.
  • What if we are looking for it in all the wrong places?

Where there is already a path, there is no magic because imagination, faith, surprises, anomalies, unicorns, creativity and innovation isn’t bred on the well paved road.

Magic is fertile in the dark earthy soil, possibilities are ignited in the unknown like a flame in the dark, and original creation are birthed in the forest of the void, a vista teeming with dna for life.

What if all these things were true, untrue, inconceivable but all available in more than just possibilities but are being played out somewhere in the quantum field of infinite creation.

What if anomalies were the norm?

We are living in amazing time where we are accelerating in vibration and frequency allowing us to ascend to a higher consciousness bumping us up to higher dimensions allowing for unusual things to happen and affect our reality.

The glue that solidified the 3d reality is loosening through the magnetics that kept the linear limited reality intact.  As the veil becomes thinner and we are able to sense from our multi-dimensional self we can connect future potentials as a realization when we are in coherence with it.

We can also travel back to the future and past to heal and transform for better outcomes or release contracts from parallel realities and the akashic field to live a life where we are liberated and thrive.

We can uncollapse unwanted situations through the quantum field for a more desirable one or jump timelines to a preferred reality.

I have seen someone apport gems from their mouth, physically manifest crystals and such from their body.

And we hear about all the miracles that are happening all over the planet.

So it makes it more possible for us when we can see evidence of amazing things happening in the world.

Notice that these all started from higher multiple dimensions whether you call it ethers, energy or spiritual realms- then the results manifested here so in order to bring in the MAGIC on a regular basis you must be in…

Multi-dimensional Alignment with God’s Infinite Creation– tapping into infinite creation beyond time or space and all possibilities in all dimensions now.

This is MAGIC*

It is always available to us and we have to adjust our perceptions and beliefs along with healing any resistance that is blocking the flow to us.

Future Events and Classes will Be Available in 2017.

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