Apr, 2017

The Many Sacred Passages We Undertake

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April is a month for assimilating the dynamics of the last 3 months through embodiment and expansion.

We are being inspired through life circumstance to grow beyond the illusionary limits of the past. It can come in a perceived negative or challenging situations. Know every circumstance holds the choice to seize or strengthen you.

We embody a higher consciousness when we align, act and take action from a place of calm faith and trust in where we are being guided towards. Instead of relying on what looks like is happening all around.

Remember you are not scared you are SACRED.

In our Soul’s journey, we undergo many sacred passages within a lifetime. More so now than ever before through the accelerated ascension timeline, we are in. That means evolution is being sped up. What took us years and months to learn and grow from can now take days and moments to heal, expand and emerge a new. Breakthroughs are available now when we truly desire them through our hearts.

The new field we are living in gives us access to profound experiences through the many passages we create for ourself. When we take a closer look at our challenges positive or negative we realize something bigger is at play in our lives.

These passages are sacred and divinely orchestrated.

The path of these passages can be long and enduring or short and impactful. What they have in common is they’re meant to transform and activate your Soul’s luminous beauty and brilliance.

Through your desires for joy, abundance, to create or realizing your dreams etc., we are constantly moving through passages to elevate our ability and potential to be able to carry out our desires and purpose. Because of the past limits, lack and lies about what we’re really capable of, our hero’s journey is about returning and reclaiming our power.

This is the sacred passage-the return to our magnificent self our divine infinite wisdom.

We are HUmans incarnate. In Egyptian ancient culture HU meant God- Creator so we are Godman. We have untapped abilities that are activated through these highly energetic passages that can force us to breakdown in order to have a breakthrough to our light and power.

Each of us individually and collectively is in a great passage that heralds a new humanity. You are part of anchoring the tremendous light shifting the planet. You do this by living your purpose, dreams, and desires. Desire means it was put there by God, so everything that’s happening to you is an activation to live your desires which are intertwined with your purpose.

I know sacred passages aren’t always easy, but I do know they transform you into your mastery and profound wisdom. I’ve learned that from a higher perspective it is us who is constructing and initiating these sometimes-challenging passages, but it’s only with love and purpose to understand who we truly are and illuminate us from the dark.

When we are awakened through these sacred passages, we are present with the miracles that are taking place through us in real time. We are participating in the magic. It isn’t happening to us but because of us. The phenomena isn’t noticed when the magic occurs, but when the initiation begins. We see it as an opportunity to weave the challenges and circumstances to miracles, magic, and victory.

This is what can happen through these sacred passages they reveal the extraordinary in us, the gift, the divine, grace and beauty we are.

The contrast of your duality will become stronger if you haven’t noticed already. It is part of the amplification of the magnetics of the times you are living in. With this comes, quicker manifestation good or bad. A by- product of this is it’s making you more present as far as in managing your thoughts, words, beliefs, emotions and energy as to what you are manifesting and creating.

These powerful passages offer you a higher route to collapse the duality through light intelligence, love, and wisdom. In this space, you are beyond the psychological boundaries and you enter a reality of infinite possibilities, peace, and profound joy. ~ Arcturian Wisdom

If you’re interested and inspired- One of my purposes is to assist and illuminate you in your sacred passage so you can elevate towards your highest potential and create a life where you flourish. I am offering a Spring discount to new initiations at $125 for my Sacred Passage Session normally my sessions are anywhere from $200-300. This will include a reading, healing and activation and an action plan to living your beautiful light.

The image I picked for this transmission and blog is the Hermit. Being a life path number 9 is symbolic of the wise Hermit. But I picked it for more of a meaningful reason. I had a dream in where I was literally ascending into the sky and all of the sudden there was an Earthquake beneath my feet.

I felt I was supposed to get swallowed up by the Earthquake which I did. The moment I did I started digging a tunnel then a lantern appeared in my hand as I dug. As I looked behind me there was a line of people following me. Then I broke through to the surface on the other side which others followed.

I realized that this is what I was doing and my part of my purpose here just by being me I illuminate the sacred passage for others to find their own light and freedom. Amazing insight!

We also have the Sunday’s Adventure in Creation Mastermind online. Where we create our life in real time with the evolutionary light codes enhancing our transformation. Contact me for more info.

Joy and blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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