May, 2016

May You Magnetize Your New Moon Dreams + Activation

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May is a Universal 5 Month and the 5th Month +5 retro planets this month= major upgrades.

The month of May is rolled in with 5 retrograde planets (planets that look like they are going backwards in relation to us on Earth) time slows down and forces us to be more receptive, go within to revisit and see what’s not working, what we truly value, how we communicate and what is the truth in all this?  How do we begin the inner work to realign with the fulfillment of who we came to be and experience?

The universe is asking us to release more of what’s not working so we can change the inner game –to effect/reflect the outer reality hologram to an upgraded version where our souls are truly winning in its expansion and expression.  Relax in knowing that this is part of the refining process to your ever evolving nature.

This is strengthened & refortified by the number 9 year we are in.  9 is about endings and new beginnings and there is major house cleaning happening here to assist & prepare humanity collectively and personally for something that has been building up for a while.  We all feel it.

With all these retrogrades I was guided to look at my own astrological chart and had no idea I had so many in my natal chart.  We all come in with at least 1 to 3 planets in retrograde (this helps go within) I am what you would consider a retro individual (5 planets) there are a lot of philosophical answers to this.  I am sharing what I have experienced along with how it can benefit us at this time, since you too are strongly in its effects this year.  This hasn’t happened since 10 years ago where 5 planets were in retro.  Think of what you were going through back then and the lesson you learned or didn’t quite master.

With that said here are a few things why retrogrades can rejuvenate your perception.

Retrogrades means backwards and also counter clockwise to the normal psychological time and forward motion.

Cosmic energy spins in counter clockwise, the galaxy, Earth around the Sun, the Fibonacci spiral, which reflects in flowers & nature and dna.

When we move clockwise we move into linear time, illusion, 3d program, limits, fear and duality.

*Retrogrades move counter clockwise, out of linear time, entrance of multi-dimensional reality, ability to respond – responsible, recalibrates for upgrades, portal to the past to heal the now and rejuvenates to prepare for the forward motion ect..

*Go with it and don’t fight with what’s happening or not happening in the external world for the moment.  There is wisdom for learning and gems to take when we finally move forward or direct.

*With so many retrogrades you can experience multi-dimensional self/realities, your timeframe may feel simultaneous with now, past and future.  This is true especially if you’ve been doing a lot of work to unplug from the old matrix to recalibrate to a higher field. You can feel many timelines.  Use this as a portal for healing or insights to bring back here.

*Re-solve the past to heal any emotional charge in you’re here and now.

*Ask to go back in the future to see what you did to have the outcome of your desired self where your dreams have come true.

*Time here is slowed down allowing us to download information to be able to restructure our lives so it can work for us.  We get to create a new map that leads us to our treasures and over rides the 3d program of how we should live our lives.

*It can also feel like time is collapsing- we are drawn to the center of an experience so we can extract as much as we can thoroughly- where otherwise we would just be moving through linear time being busy with the next on the to do list.  This is a precursor I believe to consistently living in 5d and quantum field.

*Being in this space allows us to understand where our communication with our self is impacting us.  Is it empowering or disempowering?  Maybe we need to re-frame our dialogue to one of that grants us our higher visions.

*You can have your own mini re-volution to move with the larger picture of evolution where you are living your most ascended self & fulfilled.

*When we are moving with this counter clock wise we are magnetic we are not in the linear loop of having to take action to get or create something.  We magnetize things to us with less effort when we are utilizing the power of the moment where we are in resonance with the answers we need.  Essentially it takes us less steps to receive a desired outcome in this state.  We are more in coherence to law of attraction.

I have revealed to you just some of the wonderful things about retrogrades which have been a revelation to me being a retrograde individual.

As I recall this- is why when participants in my events or one on one sessions tell me that they have an experience with me… is because I am transmitting from out of time, sometimes cosmically, multi-dimensionally, from the zero point field or from the quantum realm of possibilities.

I am realizing the phenomena of real life portals existing all around us and accessing the Galactic web and quantum field of potentials.  This allows me to amplify the portal of possibilities for us to step through.

I use to be so self-critical of the retro nature in me, now I see the genius in it lol!

Like everything else balance is where the sweet spot is. Retrogrades are great and not meant to live in the past and get stuck either.  This can also be the negative side of living too much of what was, the good old times, not being able to move on or not being able to forgive and let go.

Release to end….Reclaim to begin a new!*

We are also having a New Moon in Taurus this May 6th Friday and this one is very favorable because it’s part of a Grand Trine.  Grand Trines are wonderful especially this one, for manifesting an unimpeded flow of your intention’s energy for momentum.  And because of the new moon in Taurus our desires get grounded with its anchoring essence.

So it’s a fresh beginning that can also be built upon as a foundation with things falling into place naturally kind of vibe.  If you feel like you have to put a lot of effort and work into something then most likely it’s not your door to open or re-think with your heart what you truly value and desire and redirect.

I am going to be doing a new moon activation and anchoring and whom better than a Taurus!  It will be this Thursday at 7pm on May 5th.  If you are interested please reply to this email and I will send you the number to call in.  And if you have any questions, comments or need a specific upgrade pertaining to the theme of the call.   Meaning if you need help with moving forward, releasing or healing in relation to the current dynamics.

Wishing you the best of this now moment!


Imelda Arcilla

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