Oct, 2014

The big bang Theory is more of a ONE Heart implosion

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How we can create more powerfully.

The first way we move through life is instinctually- with old reptilian survival part of the brain reactive to our environment to preserve life period.

The second way is thinking our way through life with the limited scope of our linear reality and beliefs of what was given to us. We are subject to polarity, experience left and right brain thinking and outcomes, masculine vs feminine, negative / positive and separation from the whole.

The third way we create is through the Heart- the portal and pulse for our life support from a divine intelligence. It’s organically brave, open, One with the quantum field of ALL, powerful, deep, expansive, connected to Source and the universe is within each of us.

When you genuinely move through life from the one Heart there is no judgment, fear or polarity but neutrality and wholeness at the same time this is its Mastery. Everything is for YOU and YOU are for everything!

You move with awareness, multi-dimensionality, intuition, compassion, equanimity and with the powerful I AM presence & magnetism that crystalizes worlds.

There’s recognition that the fear is an illusion from the inspiration we truly are. This is how we move powerfully in the world with an open Heart.

This is the most powerful way to exist and fulfill desires, because true Desire means it was put there by Source in your one Heart. So the impulse for you to experience it is encoded throughout your journey.

Your destiny and desire is tightly inter woven within your fullest expression, life will activate the desire, so you must ascend to your highest expression in order to fulfill what the seed is destined to become which is its divine blueprint and potential.

Like a seed that organically grows to become its fullest expression contains everything it will ever need and is already conveniently organized within it. The brilliance of the universe or our highest self is our desires are directly correlated with our seed of fulfilling our highest expression.

So we have to become more to have more. The original intent is the trickster universe. The treat is ultimately within the trick, the dangled carrot. The divine universe is good like that.


Because creating, exploring and experiencing brings you to your true beautiful Heart-ist of unending becoming.

You can’t think from the limited brain to find resolve or solutions that are subject to the polarity it’s when you invite everything with you through the one Heart do you transcend limitations, including your shadows and pain.

When you feel deep compassion for an animal, or a profound vulnerability from a child or in awe of a sunrise or being fearless in a sport they can break your one Heart wide open like it’s almost aching because you are stretching your capacity to love and aligning to something bigger and more profound that what your mind can think of.

Like a muscle it gets stronger the more you use it, the more compelling you become and life bows to your Hearts wishes.

You have the ability to open your heart so wide it can envelope your mind to become one and return home to its original state.

Divine intelligence’s ecstatic desire and impulse to create, evolve, experience, experiment and become self- aware was the impetus vital force of the original One heart implosion that was the big bang.

The creators love was so endless and epically powerful it birthed the Cosmos and the life we understand it to be, which is just one dimension out of an infinite multi-verse.

When we are fully embodying our one Heart, we are aligned to the most powerful force in creation.

From my Heart to yours-

In service and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

Testimonial: “You are one of the most amazing souls I have ever met – no matter what the challenge is, you always find a way to explain the why and a way to understand the how to move through the challenge. You helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life as I was transitioning through a very high vibration and shedding of old behavior and beliefs. I am so grateful that you are in my life and that I am able to continue to grow and share many things with you. I welcome all the new people who will be experiencing your fabulous energy and assistance to move forward into the beautiful world we are coming back to.” Namaste, Kathryn Lorenzini

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