Apr, 2016

Restructuring through Responsibility

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Welcome April!

I took this picture a couple weeks ago.  I was admiring the beautiful light spectrum and I just noticed the orb on the bottom right side!  Orbs have been quite the theme lately.

This month we are restructuring on a deep cellular level courtesy the eclipse.  This will enable us to be able to support the new reality we have been envisioning for our true path that is for us to take.

The new path is in a deeper alignment with who we came to be and a greater opportunity of accessing more of our Soul’s layers and lessons in responsibility – meaning your “ability to respond” in a higher and more intelligent way that is in alignment with the greater multi-dimensional you.

This ascension timeline is now about revealing the truth of who we are and what we are capable of when we rise to the challenges we are being given to realize our inherent power.

Saturn has gone into retrograde the planet of karma, responsibility and time along with discipline to me this means commitment in devotion towards something that will be rewarding later on.  Until next August we go inside and are more apt to listen to what is being revealed to us instead of pushing it aside.

This is an offering of “rewind” to go within so you can best understand how to energetically engineer a new platform & restructure your life in order to make it work once and for all!  Your purpose & path is your gift and you are responsible for seeing it to fulfillment no excuses only commit to becoming the person/frequency you need to embody that will allow you to create what you came here for.

If you do the work in the next few months it will pay off because you have the “ability to respond” in a way that will change the course of your life to a more desirable one.  And one that could lead you to your wildest dreams, when you course correct through commitment & surrender of the 3d distraction and distortion.

April is a 13/4 universal month.  13 is for unexpected surprises, challenges and breakthroughs when we meet them heart on instead of head on.  4 is manifestation and understanding the structure of things and since we are restructuring we have the ability to build an updated foundation that actually works for us for where we’re going and allows us to manifest what we’ve been desiring.

(if you know me personally animals come to me for a reason in life and dreams for a message)

Interestingly this morning as I was looking out the window I saw an Opossum “Possum” walking next to the fence then every once in a while rummaging through the grass.  Keywords for Possums are strategy, opportunities, magic protection and expanding boundaries.  They have the ability to fight off preys, but faints as if they were dead using their instincts instead of fighting.  So make sure your attention isn’t being diverted or ask yourself what the best response to a situation is, is this action or judgment necessary?  Can I use my wit and wisdom instead?

They are immune to venomous snakes and parasites and Possums are connected to the number 13 they oddly have 13 nipples 12 that circle and one in the middle.   Again 13 is the number for unexpected surprises, radical or/and that changes the game when we say yes to whatever is calling us forth even though it could be unconventional, shocking and flips the status quo!

So 13 shows up to support us in whatever surprises may happen to assist in breakthroughs on any issues we may have that are unconventional and different.  Let your weird become your wisdom and your mystery become your magic.

Cunning possum,
Trickster changeling,
So alive, yet seeming dead,
Teach me wise old possum magic
That reacts from instinct, not from head.
Show me the way to slip past danger.
Fill me with earthy wisdom great,
That I might be secure and happy
Living life and trusting fate.

(Linsdomain .com)

As we move up the spiral of ascension we will be challenged in order to up-level our game, and become the Creator beings we came to embody.

What I have found was reading positive posts, reading articles and books are not enough for sustainable change and transformation.  You need commitment, consistency, and repetition to re-pattern the old behavioral programs.

So if you’re tired of doing it alone or struggling to get through a frequency barrier/your limits or just want more Magic in your life come join our growing group called Magic Mastermind Lab.

Because I know how pivotal this time is to your restructuring and rebirth of a better reality I am humbly sharing this with you.

Magic Mastermind Lab is where you connect to your Magic that you already are, it’s about how you access your alignment with magical outcomes.  We work with specific manifestations and play in the quantum field of all possibilities.  We invite miracles through this no judgment zone!

What’s great about it is right now it’s small enough to get individual attention and we all get to participate and play and because this is a Mastermind.  We are able to reach information that a high level group provides.  This is an ongoing Mastermind so you have the consistency and repetition you need to breakthrough.

I have been offering it for only $55 a month for right now and we meet weekly on Sundays (4 x a month).  I keep the class current with the dynamics/energies we’re in with activations, healing, teaching, creative soul-tions and direction/homework.  And you get your questions answered.

I am offering it for those that would like to try it out for 1 week at a $13 audit if you’re interested.   Of course you’re welcome to come in at $55 for a month.

Imelda is amazingly gifted with seeing and knowing beyond. She brings her clarity purity and intuitive abilities into a class where she energetically activates us to release energy and opens us up to receive our good. She gives us the tools to manifest what we want in our lives by steps in order to get it.  Love her!  ~ Karen Grace, Magic Mastermind Lab Participant

For those that want more info I will do a conference call if there are a few of you, you can ask questions and see if this is right for you.

This price is great for what I offer and this price also enables you to be consistent in your growth and transformation.

So if you’re interested or have questions please reply to this email and I will respond back.  Thank you for being committed to your evolution and heart’s desire, because when you win everyone wins!

For those that may not be familiar with my Magic- here’s my take on it: http://imeldaarcilla.com/magic/

Blessings and Joy,

Imelda Arcilla

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