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Imelda_Arcilla_RICH_playbookR.I.C.H Playbook ~ Reclaiming your Integrity to Create Happiness.

You were born equipped to fulfill your soul’s deepest desires and dreams. Within you contains a success blueprint to create anything you desire. Success blueprint is about being able to fully express who you are out in the world, harness and organize in a way to create a life worth living and experience the richness this world has to offer and more.

R.I.C.H is about living fully in every area of our life, rich in love, health, wisdom, possibilities, experience, relationships, opportunities, wealth, spirituality, healing, in every moment of now & more.

As we move higher into the light we sense a new becoming- a reality that beckons us from our deepest core to live a more authentic & high frequency life in every way. As we are affected by the alignment of the stars and galaxy we are pulled by the new awareness of what is truly possible for us.

More than any time in history we are able to break free from the old programs to reclaim our power to live more profoundly, more creatively and more fully.

We are moving beyond the limits to liberation in how we choose to direct our power.

We are feeling the evolutionary impulse to free ourselves from the rigidness of the old constructs to living from our own Soul’s energetic pulse-with what the Universe has beautifully and abundantly has to offer.

This is an invitation to play bigger, deeper and more expansive. It is about reclaiming your highest divine potential and create your most amazing life!

  • Are you ready to live your Soul’s Blueprint and have the tools to Create the life of your dreams for more joy & abundance?
  • Would you like an easy system to lay the foundation for how to co-create with the universe by just being your authentic self easily & gracefully?
  • Find out why you need challenges to grow and activate your next level of potential
  • Why being Beautifully rogue is where it’s at.
  • Ride the wave of Ascension to breakthrough your limits.

Although R.I.C.H is an acronym to Reclaiming your Integrity to Create Happiness it is also the result to utilizing the elements in each section.

Each section is an element to living R.I.C.H and if one of these is missing, we aren’t living as fully as we could, causing a lack of vitality, we then have to go back to one of the elements that we’ve missed or not fully utilizing in our life.

This will be an interactive class where you participate, connect and invoke the fullness of life you are saying yes to and welcoming.*

“You were encoded to have desires so you may fulfill them accordingly to your divine blueprint, this desire lives in your Heart and once you unlock this, all the good this universe holds will come pouring through you.” ~ The Elders

R.I.C.H Playbook Schedule:

  • Week 1: Reclaim ~ Reclaiming your Divine Power & Gifts
  • Week 2: Integrity ~ Aligning with your Soul’s blueprint, Multi-dimensional self, & Thrive Ecology
  • Week 3: Create ~ Creation and Manifesting your Desires
  • Week 4: Happiness ~ Redefining Success, Fulfillment, High Frequency and the Power of Presence

Classes include teachings, R.I.C.H eBook with workbook, meditation, attunements, activations, homework, Q&A and more.

This class will have a limit so I can give personal attention to everyone who wants to participate.

This class is great if you have something you’re working on such as reclaiming your power, purpose, deeper connection, ascension, intuition, business, relationship, spirituality, soul fulfillment manifesting or something specific you want to experience.  Or if you just want to have a better understanding of how to create a rich and fulfilling life.

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“Taking the R.I.C.H. class I have learned how to check in with my own barometer for personal success, happiness, and visions. Imelda is highly intuitive and can help you define and plan out what measures you need to take to create your own Wealth Recipe.” ~ Alexandria Tejera

“I was meant to meet Imelda Arcilla, who came out with a plan to help anyone who has the desire to grow & change things in their life as an individual. She has given me plenty of food for thought. Her R.I.C.H Playbook Workshop is wonderful, I highly recommend it! She is a women with high integrity. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! You will love her as much as I do!” ~ Jeannie Lerner

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at [email protected]

I am looking forward to leading and sharing this 4 week adventure with you!

Infinite Blessings, Magic and Possibilities!*

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