Sacred Emergence

Are you ready to Embody your Evolutionary Creative 5d Template?


Sacred Emergence – Embodying your Evolutionary Creative 5d Template:

  • Are you ready to crystalize from your signature success DNA unique to you.
  • Release old trauma & programs that have you in a loop pattern of struggle, limits and lack.
  • Are you ready to create from a 5d creative template of infinite potential, possibilities, magic & abundance?
  • Are you ready to personify & express your inherent gifts and abilities for elevated living?
  • Are you ready for a transformational experience to enhance every area of your life and so much more?

This is a 2 step evolutionary technology for the purpose of assisting in clearing outdated past history that is now preventing you from living fully & freely in creating from an elevated state of infinite potential.

There are now new evolutionary light codes coming in at a steady stream assisting humanity, in order to fully take advantage of them you must be able to assimilate and integrate them. And in order to do this gracefully you must clear out the old.

An example would be clearing your cookies on your computer you’re clearing out the old history that you must let go in order to make space for the new incoming opportunities and creations.

The difference with this activation clearing is it’s accompanied with a powerful yet gentle transmission of assisting you to connect with the creative templates with new coded potentials, gifts and inherent possibilities within them that are now here ready and waiting to be assimilated. This will create a Sacred Foundation.

This will reunite you with your 5d+ consciousness to have traction, gain momentum and thrive in an elevated state from the past of struggle, resistance and fear. If not you will re-create the old, feel stuck, or it will take you some considerable time to fully connect with the new templates and possibilities available now to you. This assists and accelerates in the vibratory jump start that will allow you to get to the next level of playing field for more joy!

These new higher potentials are ready like colorful light bubbles swirling around you ready to be tuned and tapped in to crystalize through you. They will activate and amplify your gifts and they also hold new advanced gifts that have not yet been seen- to elevate the planet.

Through the transmission you will be connected to the 5d grid gracefully and will be encoded with new templates of creation and thriving.

This evolutionary creative 5d+ template embodiment will prepare you for the next vibratory ascension level where you will mold, build and create from.

Activations for clearing and Transmission for the new Evolutionary Creative templates will be given by Imelda Arcilla in concert at the same time harmonizing both clearings and transmission for the new templates.

Sacred activation clearings:

The Activations do clear out your beliefs systems that do not resonate with the activation. You will find that you start feeling better and more in line with your true self.

It is important to be aware that you will continue to notice big changes over the next few weeks and months, these activations will enable you to pass through the current transitions in the highest and best way, with ease and grace.

  • Amanda_Arcilla_Sacred_Emergence_2Your deepest beliefs start coming up to be released.
  • You may find yourself much calmer and happier than ever before.
  • You will release what no longer serves you.
  • You may start attracting new supportive people into your life.
  • You may find that people are more apt to help you and be kind and friendly.
  • You may find yourself putting yourself out there more, meaning reaching out and being or service to others.
  • You will trust in the creator and know you are taken care of.
  • Your money fears will start to disappear.

Sacred Creative template:

This transmission helps in assisting you to connect and strengthen your relationship with the higher dimensional grid that holds a higher coherency field as a new template to create from a reality where one thrives in mind, body, soul and higher spirit.

  • Activates and amplifies your original DNA blueprint which holds your gifts, abilities and reclaims your power to respond and experience at an elevated level the way you were intended to.
  • Creates Coherence to establish a relationship with your higher self and beyond.
  • Connects you to a relationship with the Universe where infinite possibilities reside and sense that co-creative partnership with synchronicities.
  • Strengthens your own knowing and intuition
  • Gives you a jump start towards true liberation from limiting beliefs to a larger playing field of abundance.
  • Opens your Heart for truly living a life of joy and a life you love.
  • You embody and crystallize from your signature success DNA unique to you.
  • You’ll start making decisions based on what’s good for your mind, body and soul and where your highest vision is taking you.
  • Healing light is sent to where your body and spirit needs it most.
  • An Overall amazing feeling of having a foundation to build upon.
  • You feel inspired to live a fuller life.
  • Expands bandwidth of consciousness

Future Classes and Events Will Be Available in 2017.

“Imelda is impeccable with her words and is connected to the fifth dimension. The activations and transmissions were so strong that I am still processing them weeks later. My connection to the Divine feels more direct and the messages are clearer for me. Imelda has helped me to shift my focus and increased my ability to live my life’s purpose. I’m truly grateful for this experience and look forward to learning from Imelda again!”

Shelley Scudder – Class participant

“Imelda, I feel truly blessed to be in this Sacred Emergence group. Before the Introductory Class I felt anxious, depressed and rooted in a quagmire of doubt & confusion.  The Clearings & Activations provided by you brought me through to a better place! I felt myself shift to a clearer reality and awareness which has lightened my overall sense of self. You are truly a illuminating gift from God.  I so very much feel more open to receive further assistance from you Imelda, and look forward with a joyful anticipation to the next Sacred Emergence!”

Vivian Beteta – Class participant

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