Aug, 2016

Shifting Timelines

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At any given moment we are given an opportunity to shift and create new desirable timelines for ourselves through our beliefs, mindset, imagination, being proactive, emotions, energy, intentions and more.

And collectively we are shifting into a different timeline of ascension and awareness of who we truly are courtesy of our placement in the Cosmos.  It is inevitable.

What is proving to be true is when you do the work internally with the ever evolving advanced energies life reflects it back.  It has to-that is the nature of the universal hologram.  When you clear the blocks of trauma, toxicity and tension of the old paradigm from culture you will synchronize with a higher harmonics that is recalibrating you to a new operating system.

It’s a higher light frequency that you’re embodying which enables you to create a whole new desirable timeline.  Where everything feels different and wonderful.  You are operating from a whole different level of Mastery.

Case and point: We moved to Orlando 6 months ago never having unpacked.  It never felt like home even though we tried through our best efforts.  I understood some of the reasons of why we were there, I did the spiritual work grounding the new energies.

We lived right across the Holy Land Experience a theme park of religious Christian entertainment where they also re-in act the biblical days and produce shows that broadcast 24/7 all over the world.  I was to work on helping to phase out that old paradigm.  Which I happily did among other things.

Few months into Orlando I was ready to move and California was at the forefront.  We would live on the beach or near a forest.  We started to move the energy with intentions and elevating my manifestation ability as an Ascending human, it wasn’t easy with the chaotic energies.  I had to love something that held little pleasure.

So as Masters- I realized that there was something I had to experience here that would help me shift this timeline it was there in that moment I transcended the circumstance to be the creator of it when I remembered I am giving myself this circumstance as a catalyst to move beyond the ordinary.

Sometimes we need the stress to mutate into our Mastery.  Animals, life in the ocean and plants within generations will mutate to thrive in extraordinary ecosystems.  Remember like the caterpillar in the chrysalis is growing the imaginal cells that will become the butterfly.  We have these as well our imaginal cells have yet to be determined because our potential is unlimited.  ( imaginal cells are the cells to tell the caterpillar to turn into a whole new species, but before the transformation there is nothing in the caterpillar that programs it to become a butterfly.  So they call these new cells that emerge as imaginal cells)

Activating your imaginal cells is like stimulating that part of you with endless magic…

I trusted the process I was undergoing.  I let go to become.  I went deep into the cracks where I needed more divine illumination of love and light.  I filled it with golden wisdom to seal the fragments to unify a greater truth of possibility. This portal is fortified through an unshakable faith greater than myself.

Then finally a breakthrough in the Orlando timeline, Brian was being relocated to Jacksonville and the first thing I asked was “is it near the beach?”   Literally within 3 weeks we moved to Jacksonville Beach a half a block from the Ocean where it gives me pleasure to walk outside and sit on the sand any time of day.

This feels different it wasn’t just a move we shifted to a different timeline.  You can move to a different place or location and still continue the same timeline just a different location.  What brings in a whole distinctive, different and elevated experience is your clear frequency that will draw forward an abundant and pleasurable life.

I was open to where I would be the most happiest whether it was California or Jacksonville beach, I do know we wouldn’t of been able to move to the beach right away had we moved to California around LA it was going to be more of a challenge surviving the traffic there like in Orlando.

Here where were at is a beach life minus the crazy over populated and crowded scene.  Yet there is a lot of life outside my door just not busy zombies plagiarizing real productivity.

After what we’ve been through in the last year of craziness I used every moment to fill me with divine wisdom, wit, boldness and courage to go deeper and debunk memes and beliefs to redefine my story line to create a new timeline.  That’s what Sacred Rebels do is divinely debunk an old worn out foundation that never really worked for us to begin with and create a new foundation based in wholeness and light.  This is within all of us.

I share my story because if you’re not in your pleasure field on a consistent basis then shift to a more pleasurable timeline because as a Creator being you have the option of doing that.  More than any other time we can thrive beyond history because we are conscious of what is now possible through us.

Within you is the impulse to become greater that yesterday.  Meet your stresses as a catalyst and a calling for your higher potential & purpose in any given situation.  Don’t allow challenges to break you, but make you!  Mutate into your Mastery.

I am extending my Summer special Intuitive Soul reading to connect you with your portals of possibilities that you may not be seeing for yourself that can change the game for you.  Because this is an 8 month I want to take advantage of the abundant, manifestation, and infinite possibility energy that is highly available this month.  Here are the details.

Ready to shift timelines to a more desirable one?

PS- about phasing out the old paradigm from the religious Biblical theme park across the street.  I was told it went bankrupt and closing down.  The funny thing was when I learned I was moving I had hoped that the work I did impacted whatever I was to impact.  Without needing to confirm anything and just trusting.  A friend gave me the news otherwise I would have never known. But it’s always great to get validation that I did my part.

Sending you much joy from my Ocean back yard.  The picture you see up top is a picture I took of one of the bridges leading to the beach and a golden new beginning.


Imelda Arcilla

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