Feb, 2017

We are in the space between becoming our greater 5.0 version of ourselves

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Currently, we are in, an eclipse portal that began with full Moon in Leo February 10th Lunar eclipse until February 26th new Moon Solar eclipse.

This activated within us creative boldness, empowered confidence, and elevated consciousness.

What’s interesting is the Lunar eclipse had a configuration in the cosmos of a pentagram. This sacred star geometric pattern has a magical quality for breakthroughs when you receive whole heartedly. This stargate births new beginnings, endings or an emergence of something that is part of our evolutionary Soul path we are preparing to embody.

So, whatever is showing up for you in synchronicities or in your field, be careful not to label or judge it because you have an idea of how your life should be.

Remember magic doesn’t happen in a controlled environment. ☆It needs a sacred surrender and wild wonderment to sneak in the back door.☆

With so much happening all around us it can be difficult to consciously receive a higher potential emerging within.

Here is a podcast recording, speaking more about How to Integrate The New You- With The Chaotic Energy we are all experiencing.

Next week I’ll be sharing with you an interview with my good friend astrologer and numerologist Sharita Star about the powerful Solar eclipse and what this instigates!

Sending you much Joy and Love,

Imelda Arcilla

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