Apr, 2015

Spring into the New YOU!

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This time of year always brings change and more light to illuminate the new path our Souls are embarking upon.

With the Cosmic weather as of late with the Lunar & Solar Eclipse, along with the Spring Equinox, Solar flares and Galactic codes activating us to higher levels it can be a bit of a whirlwind ride if we resist the change we are being pushed towards.

This is the evolutionary impulse to advance, grow and merge with a higher consciousness within us. This is an awesome thing- but it can be challenging.

We can feel tired, depressed, ill, irritated, emotional and resistant as some of you already know.

Why would you want to go through this? As we are vibrationally lightening up, our system is merging with our higher self and Source which enables us to connect with our higher abilities, beyond the 5 senses, gifts of intuition, heart connection, creativity, insights, wisdom, abundance, and expanding the bandwidth of your consciousness to make better decisions in living a life where you thrive. (these are just a few)

So when we have major cosmic alignments which seem to NOW be often more than not- which is actually normal because it’s the timeline we’re in –an evolutionary growth spurt in vibrational upgrade through the human dna and on a planetary scale is inevitable.

We are being assisted in living a life of truth, abundance, infinite possibilities, joy and a life we love in all areas of life!

3 tips on Springing forward and merging with your Soul’s path.

  1. There is something new coming in for you- follow your excitement, inspiration and curiosity. Don’t allow your mind to “argue for your limitations” as to why you can’t, or having to figure it all out. This constricts the flow and you won’t be able to see the synchronicities happening for you to step through.
  2. Commit to your beautiful desires- but first realize the only person who can attain It, is YOU- So commit 100 percent to YOU. Your destiny is in your hearts desires. Commit to your Sacred Journey and all the challenges that come with it, you are refining the diamond within. You are being pushed out of your comfort zone with limits to now play in an infinite divine playground and this will take some getting used to- along with processes to let go of the old.
  3. You’re tired because you’re resisting the NEW – You know what you should be doing, but for whatever reason aren’t doing it. You keep putting on the brakes when life is pushing on the gas petal for you to move forward, but then complain or question when things are taking too long or nothing is happening for us. This going back and forth resistance adds to the exhaustion and is an energy leak that can be used for something more creative instead of restrictive.

Do something proactive in the direction you are being guided to or even if you don’t know where that is- start someplace. There is no wrong or right. You just need to move the energy to feel the new fresh dynamics to connect with your vitality and a reinvigorated inspiration & purpose.

You might be in this space if you feel you are in a rut, have felt fatigued for some time, or have been in the same space for a while or just can’t seem to move forward.

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I will help you clarify your next step, illuminate your purpose, clear blocks, activate further possibilities and heal any disharmony keeping you from a life you absolutely LOVE!

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Sending you much joy and gratitude,

Imelda Arcilla

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