Jun, 2015

Summer Solstice Illuminations

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Not only is the Summer Solstice the onset of summer, but it is also the apex of its highest point yearly. This symbolizes the cycle and Ascension we journey in celebration of the light and its illuminations towards home in the Sacred Temple of the Heart.

The ancients built temples and space for this Summer Solstice alignment to capture its power, light encoded wisdom, healing & connection to Soul.

When you walked through the entrance of these temples or spaces, you were en-tranced to the high vibratory resonance activating you to an elevated level of bliss.

Of course you feel the Life force any other time, but Summer Solstice Sun gives you a deeper significance & opportunity to awaken to the love and light that you are.

*Your enlightenment is your entitlement*….when you remember who you truly are!

And as you move through the year and the sun sets lower into the darkness don’t forget you carry the lamp of tremendous light to illuminate anything you come across.

Connect with the Sun through your own personal sun in your solar plexus, feeling empowered brilliant, brave & confident. We enhance this connection through meditation, visualization and our feeling state.

The 1st half of the year has been intense for most of us so we could recalibrate to our higher multi-dimensional selves & redefine a new platform to live by that- allows us to be the master creator of our life. We had to reboot in so many ways and will continue through the last half of the year.

As the Sun rises to its peak and we acknowledge its symbolism & potential in our lives, we activate the life/light/God force within us digging deeper for traction to shift into a new reality that is now beckoning us, because we have asked for it and we are now ready.

This is equally a time of ceremony & celebration for the summer and its joy-full activities. It is a time of fun and flourishing!*

Get creative and play in the possibilities of it all, as the Sun lasers through the illusion of limits!

This Sunday the solstice comes on June 21, 2015 at 16:38 UTC. For North American time zones, that places the solstice at 12:38 p.m. EDT.

Do a meditation, invocation or have an intention around this time to step into your own brilliant life and whatever Spirit is calling you towards.

Know it is only a heartbeat away…

Have a Sizzlin Summer Solstice*,

Imelda Arcilla

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