Jul, 2016

Summer Special -Portals of Infinite Possibilities Intuitive Reading

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I hope you’re enjoying the sizzling summer!  Time is accelerating at such a great speed because of the dimensional shift we are experiencing.  I wanted to offer something that can help you with the second half of the year to prepare you for the following year which will be about new beginnings!

Would you like more abundance & opportunities through the field of potentiality that is unique to you, your path and destiny?

Do you know that the Sacred Universe only operates through love & its infinite abundant nature?  And if you’re not experiencing this organically, one of the many reasons is because of the illusion of what we’ve been taught and reinforced through life through emotions & energy.

And because we’ve been taught to think in linear time left to right, past and future we miss out on the quantum field we live in that provides us with infinite realities.

Did you know at any given moment you have the ability to not only switch timelines, but to create a new one?  You are not limited to what you have been living, nor does it have to take forever to align with the fulfillment of your heart, purpose and desires.

We are always presented with opportunities to evolve out of the restrictive paradigm we have been taught.

There are many choices we are being given that are portals to new and better realties that allow you to thrive beyond surviving.

Would you like to access a deeper profound wisdom that will allow you to shift into a higher frequency?

Are you ready to have more wealth, health and freedom through connecting with your unique Soul Essence?

I am offering through this Summer Special- Portals of Infinite Possibilities Intuitive Readings

This is different than normal readings.  Yes, I will confirm what is currently happening with you, and connect with your future timeline happenings.  But I will also see your Soul’s intention for expansion and evolution along with current available possibilities around your field that you may not know about that can change the game for you.

Not only will I provide you with insights on what else is available for you, but help on the spot how to activate your new reality.

We no longer have to be stuck in perceived limits, lack or restriction.  We have entered in a new era, one which gives us infinite ways to be creative, innovative and to be in coherence with our eternal and inexhaustible nature.

Let me assist you in envisioning and embedding attainable possibilities that you can’t see for yourself right now that are already in your field ready to be experienced so you can thrive beyond what you’ve previously known.

This is for you:

  • If you’ve felt stuck for some time and just can’t seem to shift things.
  • Have been struggling with an issue you can’t seem to resolve.
  • Desire more abundance and possibilities in your life.
  • Things are moving along at snail pace and would like to quantum leap.
  • Curious to see what else is available to you to make your life even more amazing.

This offer is good until August 20th

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

I look forward to assisting you through portal of infinite possibilities!


Imelda Arcilla

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