Jul, 2015

Think Bigger!

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This week allows us to connect with higher inspiration, imagination and instigate with boldness and bravery.

We are peacefully integrating the new while moving forward with projects when we co-operate with creative forces.

Last blog I spoke about Adventures in Infinite Possibilities in Miracles and Abundance to step into the Miracle Zone we have to think bigger beyond the confinements and conditioning of culture.

When we co-operate with creative forces aka the Infinite Universe or Source Intelligence there are inexhaustible scenarios life can bring you, but you have to think bigger with your head & heart which emits the strongest electromagnetic field and activates more possibilities for you to step into.

Are you taking advantage of the new light field intelligence on the planet?

It’s very inspiring, explosive and expansive and when you integrate and connect with it, it will take you through a portal of new realties beyond the past.

It will feel magical, filled with invigorated depth that supports you coming alive on a whole different frequency & level. It comes with a fresh hope of actualization beyond the superficial.

The new light is the new Lego of building blocks for reality architects who are conscious.

But first in order to take advantage of new light, you will have to have a deep desire to move beyond your limits of excuses and thinking small, because the universe doesn’t play small, but continuously seeks to expands in experience, love and creation.

The universe is in a perpetual never ending adventure, your life force is in concert with it and when you are not, is when you are in disharmony, stagnating, feel in a rut or feel out of flow with your abundance & joy.

Miracles, abundance and infinite possibilities are all natural occurrence when we get out of our small minds and connect to the bigger picture or universe which we are all inherently a part of.

You can’t get to the bigger picture if you are living in a small box, in actuality your sandbox is the quantum field of ALL Possibilities that are available to you when you dare to dream bigger & take bold inspired action.

If you truly have a deep desire to play bigger in your life and want to join me on Adventures in Infinite Possibilities in Miracles and Abundance let me help you in moving beyond your current limits to play in the Miracle Zone.

This is for you if you:

  • Truly have a deep desire to play bigger in your life
  • Would like to Play in the quantum sandbox
  • Want to live in the Miracle Zone
  • Develop a Coherence with your preferred reality
  • Want to take advantage of this year’s 8 energy
  • Are Tired of doing it alone or doing it snail pace

For more info from the original offering click here:

I am offering Adventures in Infinite Possibilities in Miracles & Abundance as a Monthly Membership including:

  • Weekly insights to the energies & light field and how to best co-create with them
  • Intuitive message for the group as a whole for the week for direction
  • Special topics related to theme
  • Connecting you with 5th dimensional dynamics in quantum field
  • Supporting you on your divine adventure
  • Monthly- Sacred Geometry Healing, activation, mediation, templates, clearings or transmission

This would start in August as an online Adventure.

All for a Monthly membership only for $44.00 and 3 months for $120/$40 monthly

For any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call to speak with me.

Respond to this blog and let me know and what you’re most looking forward to on the list of things I am offering or maybe a suggestion on making this adventure even more exciting- or if you’d like more info & support pertaining to the membership.

PS. If you know of someone who may be interested on this Adventure please pass this on!

Cosmic Joy*

Imelda Arcilla

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