May, 2017

Why Transformation is Sexy

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Before we dive into the transmission this was originally intended for another newsletter and center that is going to host my event this Saturday. I decided to share it here as well.

The inspiration: I noticed the pattern of people being interested in transformation and the results of it like overcoming limits and lack consciousness and creating freedom and abundance. But lacked the devotion to overcome the distraction.

So I playfully said “I am going to write an article on why transformation is sexy” Maybe that will get through. 😊

The exquisite Transformation I’m referring to is into your most profound evolution towards expanding the bandwidth of your consciousness to Soul Mastery. This includes the triad of wisdom, love, and divinity.

True transformation isn’t just about changing. We can change our minds, beliefs, and persona. It’s about transforming at a cellular and dna level. Did you know that by deeply affirming certain things in your life you can re-program your dna?

But rarely do you transform with one affirmation, a class or two or reading a book here and there.  It takes commitment beyond the ordinary commitment and devotion. Devotion is a super power that sustains the rigorous challenges. It’s the light in your corner that fuels your endurance to go the distance.

Why are you willing to devote your life force to alchemize your mind and transform into a more evolved being, time and time again? Because each cycle of growth you undertake is a bandwidth of potential to not just master your life but to create your life. The implications of that alone are breathtakingly open to the abilities and gifts you possess! From my article- How To Integrate The New You. http://imeldaarcilla.com/how-can-you-integrate/

*It’s sexy because when you grow and evolve into your beautiful authentic light, you don’t attract drama. You live your purpose, invite abundance and opportunities plus you become the Creator in your life giving you infinite possibilities.

*It’s alluring when you understand that everything is within you and you’re not constantly struggling and exhausted to find what you’re looking for out there relying on uncontrollable forces.

Instead, you understand that you ARE the FORCE that creates your reality.

*It’s beautiful when a person has overcome the fear trap and understands that they’re not scared but SACRED.

*You’re Magnetic when you can be present in the moment there is power in that.

*It’s attractive when you don’t need others to give you joy, because you know you are the source of your own joy and everything else adds to it.

*You’re captivating when exude an aura with humility and heart.

*You’re dynamic when you hold a field of higher consciousness.

*Transformation towards your evolved self is sexy because it leads you to the truth of who you truly are already underneath the illusions we accepted. And who you are is magnificent and powerful!

If you live in Jacksonville I am facilitating an event with AA Metatron using Sacred Geometry for an elevated transformation that’s beyond the mundane to your magical original blueprint at Caring Palms. To RSVP please contact Brian at http://www.caringpalms.com/

Joy and Blessings,

Imelda Arcilla

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