Sep, 2014

You have the right to create a life of Magic

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To take cues from the Divine Orchestrate..

..to immerse yourself in the energetic symphony that creates worlds, radical synchronicities and transformations.

Give yourself permission to bypass the normal & mediocre. Get out of the closet of ordinary, here’s a hall pass to greatness, unapologetic to your untamed vision for joy, creativity, possibilities and a better world why because it simply rocks!

Like in monopoly you’re free to pass GO …live a life on your own terms, a life played full out and collect wild & meaningful experiences that transforms you to the core….and others while you’re at it.

Movies are made, where the hero is you. It’s where you don’t have to seek for the adventure because the adventure is already in you.

You have the right to change your mind and see through the cosmic chaos and see it beautifully intertwined with grace and happily sing to the annoying melody which no one else can hear.

Devotion to your own drummer is paramount and Resignation to your Soul is your lifeline. Give gratitude for the contrasts in polarity, they’re the catalyst for blissful manifestations.

The space between rage and surrender is where magic happens. It’s in the wise innocence that opens portals for the extraordinary. It’s in the dark that we are illuminated. It’s in the primordial void that creates worlds through our belief & imagination we invoke magic.

You don’t ever have to take the lens of heightened awareness off, because you choose to see the florescent colors, multi-dimensional spectrum & vibrations that make up the magnificent world and not fall prey to the shades of grey. Every moment is special and is a world unto itself.

So go ahead envision, fantasize, get curious, dare, follow your heart’s secret desires, conjure up a ritual, meditate, get in your vortex, declare color therapy will enhance your mojo or use every vibrant adjective to articulate your Magic wand, then use it to give rise to every dream you’ve ever had and dispel every false illusion that told you, you were wrong.

Every day is sacred and alive in the quantum field. The seduction lies in co-creating with this amazing field and experiencing something unimaginable.

You have the right to use whatever means to create a life of magic that works uniquely for you. There are no rules in the land of magic, but ONE and that is you must BELIEVE. Believe that you are meant to live by your own internal promptings by a divine design that does not bore, but initiates the souls urge to soar, thrive and prosper.

You have magic in your DNA more powerful than you know. It’s there for the (soul) purpose of when you’re ready to create the life of your dreams & when you’ve had enough of following the outside reality, it will be activated and will help unleash the life you’ve been searching for!

Enjoy the *Magic*

Imelda Arcilla





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